Need to VENT!/BLOG


Sorry, but I need to VENT!! A little while ago, I went to Walmart (I know….I know…)to get some stuff . I noticed this lady was staring at me on the same aisle I was on. No biggie. I moved to the next aisle and here she comes again…STARING! So now I’m like, WTH, but finish up my shopping and head to the check out line. Of course this same lady was ahead of me…starts staring again. So I start playing with my phone so I don’t have to look at her. Finally she says “I want to apologize for staring at you, but you look just like my daughter who just passed away.” I felt really bad after that and gave her my condolences. She says “thank you…but I have a favor to ask. I understand if you don’t want to. Can you give me a hug and say ‘bye momma’ to me?” Inside I was like WHAT?!?!, but, me being the softie that I am, I went ahead and did it. She smiles, thanks me, and leaves. The cashier rings up my stuff and the total comes out to $100.87. I knew something wasn’t right, because it should have been like $40.00 or so. The girl tells me that my total was included with my mom’s. I’m like, “What?!!!” she said, “Your mom said you were paying for her last few items along with your things. I said, “That aint my momma!!” She said, “Well I saw you hug her and heard you call her momma?!” I flew out of the store looking for this woman, ready to beat her behind, and i see her loading up her car! She saw me and jumped in her car, but I got to her as she was putting her leg in, and I started pulling her leg…JUST LIKE I’M PULLING YOURS!!!HAHAHA
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I had to LOL!

Mystery Millionaire Season 1 Episode 6 (((((Blog)))))


Just finished watching online Mystery Millionaire ” The Art of Deception” the last episode for season 1, because I was not home when it aired. This one made me cry. 

I’m just like the best friend of the gurl who dated the millionaire… I’ll google you in a New York minute…. especially if I sense something off. God gave women great intuition, and sometimes if we don’t act on it, we’ll miss a lot of things that come our way. It made me cry because the gurl fell in love with the “Character” he portrayed on the show. She never got a chance to know the person he really is , because he cheated her out of that, by thinking it was wise getting to know the real person she was by lying about who he is. When came time to reveal to her that he’s a millionaire she wasn’t feeling him….. BECAUSE SHE FELT SHE DID NOT KNOW HIM.

 LYING…  turns off a REAL WOMAN. We feel that if we’re showing you our real face, then you should show yours too. So now she has to scramble in her mind different thoughts, she has to ask herself can she deal with his life style, will they be able to meet as often as HE MADE HIMSELF AVAILABLE on the show. There are so many things a woman in her shoes has to ask herself . If you can’t meet a woman who will love you for you, just because she already knows who you are, then keep trying….. JUST LIKE THE REST OF US. Hell, you’re not special just because you’re rich, you must search, look and find just like everybody else. It really pisses me off that these Millionaires feel that LOVE is suppose to come easy, so they become “Characters” to see who really are for them.

Kick rocks in your favorite pair of Nikes, and blow bubbles at the same time.

Be Blessed!