My New Nephew


Meet my new Nephew!!!

IMG_1702 (1)

My brother had his first baby on Jan 25, and I’m so happy for him. I picked them up from the hospital on Tuesday, and I was so happy to finally meet him. They live directly around the corner from me, so I will be seeing him again soon. I looooove this little boy. I had a instant connected to him as soon as I saw a photo of him. I wanted to kiss him, but you cant be kissing on peoples baby when their brand new. Goodness, I think about this boy everyday. LOL LOL My one and only brother is 41. He loves this little boy so much. I love his gurlfriend she is sooooo prefect for him too. Okay.. Im rambling, but look at my baby.. I call him baby bobby!!!

* my screen saver* lol


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