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I’m off again today. LOL What a good feeling. I was suppose to work 10-7 but I gave it away to someone, so now I have one more day off and I’m happy about it. Got up @ 10:00 a.m as I planned so that I can go to the movies to see G.I Joe. When I got to the movies I’m saying to myself dang, why are there so little cars in the lot? I drove up to the doors because there were notes posted everywhere, and it read NO POWER! Man, I drove all the way to MJR about a 20 minute ride. Oh well the Virgo in me didn’t stop there. I drove all the way back near my house and went to the Star Gratiot. The movie was good, plenty of action!!! Looks like a part 2, we’ll see.
My menu for this years *Cree’s Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving and taking it to the streets* is complete. More on that later. For those of you who don’t know. For as long as I can remember I have always had a connection to homeless people. I’ve never been homeless myself, but when I see then sleeping on the streets, asking for change, needing clothes, and wanting for food it just does something to me. I hate to see them on the streets in need. I have a very close knit family and we always come together for holidays, birthdays, and we also take trips to Disney Land, Chicago, and Atlanta together. I like to think outside of what I have and look at the need of others. It hurts me to my heart to see them in need. When Neisha was a little gurl, she would always see me giving money to the homeless, she remembers the talks we had about them, and she took it to heart . Now at 23, every time she sees a homeless person she’s always going in her purse to help them. I love her for that, and I Thank God that he placed it in my heart to give, now that seed has been planted in her.
This year Cree’s feeding the homeless this year we are feeding 50 people for Thanksgiving!!! Yes, 50 people.  We are having:
  1. Collard Greens
  2. String Beans and white potatoes
  3. Chicken Wings
  4. Dressing
  5. Macaroni and Cheese
  6. Dinner Rolls
  7. Potato Salad
There are also a lot of other things that needs to be purchased in order for this to be pulled off. Such as Section Plates, Spoons-Forks, Napkins, Plastic Baggies, 50 bottles of water, 50 personal can pops, 50 bottles of Juice, 3 carton of eggs, bacon for the string beans, celery, tomatoes, 3-4 cans of cranberry sauce, corn meal, 2 bag of potatoes, relish, mustard, miracle whip, sage, cookies, brownies, aluminum foil, cakes and Walmart Non-Plastic carrying bags.
Anyway, she will be helping me this year with Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving. We are even working on gift items to go with the food for winter, such as gloves, hats, and blankets. We have a lot of work to do, plus people are already asking how can they get on the list to donate for Thanksgiving. Last year I took photos and also video footage.  Come Oct-Nov I’ll brief you all. Here is a clip.
Its almost back to school and for Raisingurls next meeting we will be discussing * Going back to School*. In one of the meets we had a discussion about why students don’t like their teachers. When I asked that questions I got so many stories and responses. I worked at Neisha’s school from Preschool till 4th grade with her and I know FIRST hand what those teachers dealt with. I worked as a lunch aide. I was working in the class room with a teacher, when she went to the Principal and told her about my teaching skills. From there I was a tuitor for first grade for 2-3 years. I would go to the classes and get the students for one hour and those teachers were amazed at how much their student improved with that one on one attention I was able to give them.  But the point I’m making us those teachers has a lot on their plates. Those kids give those teachers the flux!!! Dealing with so many different personalities  aint nothing to mess with. And I’m going to show the gurls how to have the * Imma do it ANYWAY, and have the ITS OKAY attitude*. 🙂
Aint gone lie, I hated rules growing up. When my parents told me to do something, in my mind  I had to think about it, go over it, analyze, negotiate with myself. I went through many thoughts and changes before I did it. Cause if I didn’t that was my butt!! Now that I’m grown, when I’m at work and my boss tells me to shut down and do something else. I don’t think about it, I just do it. I don’t talk back, I just do it. If I have questions about it, I’ll ask. I don’t ever want to look up and realize that I’m debating with my boss over something I should be doing. And that’s the same goes for the gurls in school. JUST DO IT! I’m going to first teach them to be LEADERS. A Leader  to me is a person who stands for righteousness, and will not be intimidated by anyone. A person who is friendly and approachable, and will speak to any and everyone, but doesnt feel the pressure to be in EVERYBODY’S CIRCLE. Being a Leader you’re not always the popular one. A Leader is a person who makes decisions based on whats right and not who will be mad at them in the end. A Leader must not concern themselves with that worry. A POSITIVE Leader  can walk into the room, grab the attention of everyone, and GET THEM TO DO ANYTHING THATS POSITIVE. This is what these kids need to know. At a young age they can get into a group and if the Leader of the group isn’t positive they could get into a lot of trouble. When I’m teach them to be Leaders they’re going to go into the school year * signing up people* to be positive. They wont be following the troubled kids. So for the next week or so Imma have to BOSS UP my game and get this assignment on point. I already have it visioned in my head. 🙂
Good Night Family! 100_2455

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