I can do bad all bymyself posterI love it!!! LOL The yellow with Taraji face in the middle is so classic Tyler Perry.

 Just finish watching the game with The Lakers and The Orlando Magic and I am mad at the Kobe…..his game is SICK. Something it has made me. Dwight and his team gotta step up. But to be honest, this is one game that’s going to haunt them for the rest of their lives……..well until they win 2 Championship Rings in a row. But little do they know they have to crawl before they walk. I have been watching Basketball since Isiaha Thomas, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Derrick Fisher * lol*, and we all know the chances of a new team winning the Championship is nothing easy. Yeah they seem so close, but lets be real……..this is the year they learn to CRAWL.

The Lakers is NOT handing this game ova on a gold platter, they are giving the Magic more experience than they thought the needed. Experience is a good teacher right? Those missed 3 throws Dwight had……..he won’t be sleeping good tonight…….. I can bet the day I meet Tyler Perry of that one. I’m 41 years old, been here done that when it comes to these games. It all boils down to who want it the most. The way I see it……. The magic got snacks stored away, but The Lakers………..they hungry!!! There is no other way to look at this one here. When you come close to winning and you lose, then you find your team back the next year knocking on the door…..that’s when you realize how hungry you really are. See the Magic, doesn’t know what its like to be hungry, this batch of players never came this close to winning. So its fair to saw they have snacks laying around. The Lakers……..they don’t. When you hungry you will do anything you can in order to WIN* and eat*. If the Magic lose, it would be the start of going *hungry*. And when they are starving to death……that’s when they are going to be whooping teams left and right. All the mistakes they were making tonight will be a thing of the past. They are young, they are learning right now from the best * Kobe Bryant*. We have 2 more games left, may the best team win.

Okay I’m off to bed. I have to work tomorrow@ 11:30 and when I get off @ 7 I’m going to see Denzel Washington and my baby John Travolta in Pelham 123!!! Transformers, Spider Man, Tyler Perry, Denzel Washington, Clive Owen,Spike Lee, Brad Pitt, Eddie Murphy, Sanaa, Taraji, and Al Pacino…..I’m there @ The Thursday Night Midnight showing, or opening day. I gotta support my favorites. My whole weekend is jammed pack. So Ill write when I can.

Be Blessed!