Wedding Vendors/BLOG


Last night I was lying in the bed and thought back on the Wedding, and what I’ve learned so far. I found out how important the vendors are who come in to set up the cake table, linen, chairs, the decorations, and the candy table.

I arrived at the venue to find the cook in the kitchen and the linen company there to set up the tables and chairs. But as time went on, (( not to late)) I wondered where was Sherry the cupcake lady. I called her, and even though she was packing up her truck, she told me that she lost her stepfather the night before and wasn’t taking it to well along with her sister. I told her how sorry I was, and for her to take her time. We talked several more minutes, and then we hung up.

When she arrived, I opened the door for her because she had a lot to set up. When she was almost done, she said to me, you were right on time this morning when you called me. I was feeling down, and God sent you to talk to me. She said I really needed that because of what I’m going through. It made me realize that you really have to be careful of what you say to people, you never know what they’re going through. I was being my normal self, never knowing what she was going on with her. I hear of a lot of wedding planners who are bossy and plain mean. I don’t want to be that way, I want to build a relationship with these vendors so that I can work with them for future weddings. It was also a pleasure to meet the linen vendors too. As they were leaving they gave me hugs saying how pleasant and sweet I was. I’m saying to myself.. what kind of wedding planners are out there being mean?? I’ve made me some business partners and my list of vendors will continue to GROW! 🙂

Remember your personality will take you places you never dreamed of going! Thank you Jesus for that gift 🙂


I AM Cree … (( I don’t have to do anything else))


Sitting here thinking about MEN… (((((BLOG))))))


I guess I’ve been in a writing mood lately.

Just sitting here thinking . I hate when men think they know me just because I show myself “friendly” smile with them and laugh. Maybe buy them water, or a fruit or something, (((because of the weather or just being nice))) then I keep it moving. Women these days have made it so easy for a man to come along and tell them anything. So when they meet me…. they feel its the same way. They feel that I’m giving them a hard time when I don’t show interest  just because I bought them something. This is how I am. You can’t make me laugh, tell me how many properties you have, and where you work to make me do flips over you. The more I make it clear that I DON’T WANT TO MARRY YOU, I DON’T SEE YOU IN A SEXUAL WAY, I DON’T WANT ANYMORE KIDS, and I DON’T SEE YOU THAT WAY…. the more they feel that they have to try harder. It becomes a challenge to some men. They come up with different “tricks” and conversation to try their best to get you on the page that they’re on. Just let me be friendly. I don’t want anything from you. All it does it turn me off. And when La’Crease Walker gets turned off….. I will NO LONGER look at you with that smile in my eyes. And to be honest, most likely… I’ll be praying not to IGNORE you. Just fall back.

I’ve learned in the past about myself is that when I gave my body to men, they had the POWER. Not in a bad way, but I became submissive, and I don’t want to be that way with just a boyfriend.. I want to be that way with my HUSBAND. I have so much POWER when I don’t give my body to a man. Set the conversations and the atmosphere SISTERS. No man have POWER over my mind or my body as long as I say NO….

Women.. know your worth. Anytime a man whats your body…. there must be some GOOD to it. Put it on ice, save it, work on your mind and your life. A man can have any conversation with you, lie, be honest and lie again, but they haven’t gained NOT ONE SINGLE THING FROM YOU.

Be Blessed

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou