Beautiful Bed of Flowers …. (((((Blog)))))


Today I was looking out of my window at the beautiful bed of flowers they recently planted in front of the building, and saw “him” watering the grass. That’s when I reached for my camera and started talking photos. Um um ummmm what a site. Yess! They did a wonderful job.

DSCN1729 DSCN1728 DSCN1727DSCN1722


One of my shy days………………………… From the Desk of Cree


I hate the fact that I’m shy……… sometimes.

Got in the elevator today and the guy that I like was on there. He was the first face I saw when the doors opened. My heart started racing fast. The way we look at each other is FIYAH. Unspoken words are so sexy to me. Had I been already on the elevator when he was getting on, I would have felt in control. I felt him staring at him me, but I couldn’t move. Not to mention today is one of my quiet days. I know my scent was all over him. Those few minutes felt like forever as he stood behind me. I know he wanted me to turn around. I couldn’t. Goodness, I just couldn’t. Others were on there too….. I know they felt our vibe. I could have gave “them” more, but today was one of my shy days.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

I like him……….From the desk of Cree

Know if You Like Someone or if You're Just Lonely Step 1.jpg


When I saw him today, first thing came to my mind was…yes perfecting timing

He’s so handsome.. not only that.. but he’s a MAN.. a REAL MAN

I love a man who works with his hands.

Ah, its so sexy to me

I love his sexy voice, the way he walks, and pay attention to his work

turns me ON.

I can see myself with him

Summer is coming

I must look GOOD 🙂

Because, I like him