Happy Feelings/BLOG

Hey Family!! 🙂 So yesterday I went to the Home going Services of my friends mom. She lived a long time ( 79) and was the sweetest person you could ever meet. I’ve been knowing this family for over 20 years. And when I say this lady could make some mustard greens and potato salad….Continue reading “Happy Feelings/BLOG”

Wedding Planning-Things I learned/BLOG

So yes, I did a Wedding on Saturday and it was really a joy. Well worth the EXPERIENCE!  I really enjoyed myself and learned a whole lot.. about people, how important it is to communicate, and patience. I learned early on that you have to have some tough skin doing this job dealing with lots ofContinue reading “Wedding Planning-Things I learned/BLOG”

Crees Ramblings/BLOG

Hey Family!!! I guess this will be one of my rambling blogs. Yesterday morning I got up and went to the movies. My plan was to see Get Hard with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, then to go home. But after that was over, I decided to see Unfriended. I’m starting to think that noContinue reading “Crees Ramblings/BLOG”