Sisters Only/ Weight Loss Update/ Detroit is Home for Me



 Every time I think about being back home in Detroit from Atlanta…. I’m reminded of all the things that I’ve helped out with concerning my family, that I wonder how things would have turned out, had I not been here. I must say, since God said so first…”I am exactly where I’m suppose to be”. I love Atlanta, and I wouldn’t mind having my own apartment there, but for now…. Downtown Detroit is home for me… and after 2 years…. I’m finally okay with that.

 I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds!!! Yes! Walking Mon-Fri has really helped me to come down. The part that makes me happy is that whenever I hang with family and over eat, I know how to get back in the ring and get it off. I know how to eat, and I pay attention to my body. Its a challenge to me to reach a goal. I still have a long ways to go, but its challenging getting there…which is not so bad.

I’ve been hanging with my Sisters this past week. I love them so much. I want to put together a gathering for Sisters Only. But if you’re an only child and have a good friend who you call a Sister, that would be just fine to attend. I found out that when you get along well with the Siblings you grew up in the home with everyday , that you’re likely to get along with other women easily. For me…. I will never ever engage into a disagreement or anything physically with another woman… my thought is this…. if I don’t fight or fall out with THE SISTERS I LIVED IN THE HOUSE WITH EVERYDAY AS KIDS… why would I give negative energy and time into women outside of them? To me…. that’s equivalent to SUICIDE. Now that’s my thought on it. I’m so happy that it doesn’t have to be that way, because I have great friendships, and I LOVE all of my friends dearly.

In putting together “Sisters Only”… I want to teach women that its okay to have debates and arguments with your sisters because of difference of opinion. I’ve learned that my sisters and I have debates a lot because we ARE DIFFERENT.  But our LOVE  for each other is so strong, that debates and opinions HAS NEVER OUTWEIGHED that day and time of being together. Its not important to carry the difference of opinion into the next day, or month. For us, its not about being “right”.. its only about being able to express how we each feel. Lets be real…. we all feel like we’re right. After we debated it out and it dies down… we laugh, talk about who was the loudest, who had the best point and then its over. I think Sisters Only will help sisters to understand each other better. That is okay… that you’re not on the same page all the time.

I just had to post the above photo. I remember my momma giving us that eye. LOL We use to be scared… we knew if we didn’t stop what we were doing bad, it was on and poppin. Hehehehe

Be Blessed

Huge Problem/Weight Loss Update/Know your worth…. (((((Blog)))))



Wow, can you believe that its July 1 already?

Time is really flying. Reminds me how people are doing any and everything these days. No respect for human life, no respect for each other and no respect for themselves. If one person can get an “Amen” from the person or people they respect most, no matter how bad it is…. its okay with them. They befriend “like minded” people, and go out to celebrate it. Reminds me of the days in the bible when Noah was building the ark, and everyone was doing their own thing. I have a HUGE PROBLEM with people calling WRONG…RIGHT. Now I see why God said to confess your sins. Anything you believed you’ve sinned about, you’ll confess and be covered. But anything you feel is right, and ITS WRONG ((( and you know its wrong)))… and don’t confess… its not covered under that umbrella.

In other news.. I’ve been walking.. tomorrow makes my 4th day. I love to walk. My back yard is actually a park. Its huge too. So every morning, I will go out and walk around the huge circle… as time go by.. I’ll walk it several times. I have a short term goal to meet by next weekend. I’m doing my thang…bout to kill em in my dress next month!!!

Saw my sweety today…. ahhh he looks so sexy when he’s working and not even noticing my presence .. I love it. And when he does….. * melts me*

I love a man who communicates and expresses how he feels… good or bad.. Not run away, hide, avoid questions, and has a arrogant Spirit. I don’t come from that type of environment to deal with all those ‘ISSUES”… that’s really what they are. So, I say that to say ladies, Women….. my Sistergurls… know your worth. Know already what you will and will not put up with. If there’s anything on your list of “will not accept” and you clearly see it happening to you……cut if off. I let things go to far.. but I have NO PROBLEMS WALKING AWAY. I LOVE ME.. I LOVE ME… I LOVE ME.. I LOVE ME. I LOVE MEEEEEE.

Be Blessed


Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

Weight Loss Update!!! Yalp she doing that!!!! (((((Blog)))))



Just wanted to stop in and update you all on my weight loss. Yessss!!! This journal of losing weight is all in our heads… I promise it is. I can’t say that its easy, but once you see what trigger your eating, you will be able to control and be conscience if what you eat. You have to really plan your meals ahead of time. Shop by the week if you can.. because you’ll most likely cook what you buy and have at home and if you plan your days , you will have a grip on your food intake.

Right now I’m between clothes. All my outfits that I wore last summer, I cant wear anymore. They are too big, and if I try to wear them anyway, they look like I’ve slept in them. On my way out with mommy again today.. and I’m like omgggg what am I wearing? LOL I love having to say that because I am looking at so many clothes with the tag on them, and I will soon be in them all.

Another thing about losing weight too. I use to be the type of person who hate to let go of people, and things in my life. And I always said * so crazy thinking about it* that I loved many of my outfits so much that I didn’t want to lose weight. Craaaaazy!!!! I have no love for those clothes anymore. I cant wait to be out of them. What kind of thinking is that? I’m glad and happy to be out of them so that I can constantly be going to other sizes.

Since I started the May  & June Challenge May 7, I lost a total of 14 pounds!!!! My highest weight ever… I loss a total of 34 pounds!!!! WOW… I’m tooooooo beautiful inside and out for this weight!!!

I am so proud of Tamela Mann… look at this WOMAN OF GOD… will ya?


Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

21 Day Challenge Update- R&B Divas ((((((Blog)))))))

work out


Angie Stone got on my nerves tonight on R&B Divas. She was out of order to call that gurl on stage like that when she KNOWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS how she feels about singing right now. That is so disrespectful to her art as an entertainer, and as a person and friend.

When I was having my Teen group meetings, I knew the personality of all my gurls. I knew who would answer my questions, who would shy away, who would talk too long, who would want to help me every week, and so on. True enough as a leader it is my job to help get them out of their comfort zones, but I also believe that its a way of doing it. Putting people on the spot making them beg and plead for you to PLEASE take the spot light off them, is so wrong. I would have turned all of Angie’s tables over at that party, trying to put me on the spot like that * jp*. She pissed me off. I don’t like being put on the spot, and it bothered me to see LaTavia on it. That gurl begged her, swearing to God and everything for mercy…. ooooo that bothers me.

Some folks in my life feel that since I have such a huge personality that I feel like doing stuff all the time. I like to sit back in the corner with my hat over my face too. When the waitress come to the table.. I don’t like to be the one doing the talking to set the atmosphere. I like to bury my head in the menu like everybody else when they’re asked what will they be ordering. I like to chill too.. and people who know me.. KNOW THAT.. SO….. for Angie to do that while that gurl clearly had on her ” not right now, don’t go there look” on her face…. was wrong… Um um that wasn’t right.

Angie only did it because the gurl showed up late for her Birthday Party. She didn’t look like she wanted to be there any oleway. Who could blame her, when she’s feeling that she’s NOT READY TO PERFORM YET.. What is so hard about that to understand? If that was me.. I would have gave Angie Stone the look of JUDGEMENT DAY HOUR… I don’t play that. At some point you FALL BACK. Enough of that, because I’m getting mad.

Day 14 of the 21 May Challenge and I lost a total of 7 pounds!!!!! That time flew by. I love the change in my eating. I love not having the Pepsi’s… I love how I see a few of my issues with food. I sat down today and paid attention as I ate breakfast and dinner. I GET FULL FAST… I was full after a few minutes into my meal. BUT GET THIS…… I HAVE IGNORED that full feeling.. because I HAVE TOLD MYSELF FOR SO MANY YEARS….. ” YOU JUST STARTED EATING”… how could you be full? I have ignored that warning for so long that I have stretched my stomach overeating. WOW ISN’T THAT A HUGE GREAT BREAKTHROUGH? SO guess what I did when I got full? I got up and put the rest down the garbage disposal. I did hesitate, because guess why? I’m SO USE TO EATING EVERYTHING ON MY PLATE. WOW WOW WOW Something we all learned as a kid.

Okay! So, now that I know that……can’t wait until tomorrow, where I will monitor it again. I have to learn to stop eating whenever I feel full, no matter how much I’ve eaten. I can always grab an apple, or a fruit in between meals IF I FEEL HUNGRY again. I have to learn that. I HAVE TOO. I also learned that what ever I put on my plate the first time, I WILL EAT IT UP… That’s gonna stop. I have to learn portion control. I HAVE TOO. So now I have to be mindful of my portions. I hardly ever go back for seconds, because I’m so busy filling up the first time. This explains why I get full fast when I eat spaghetti.. and everything else I eat.. …..hmmmm. Wow!

I use to be able to eat a Big Mac Meal with fries and pop. For the last 5 years… all I can eat is a hamburger. N O W I K N O W WHY!!!!! I ignored it. The only thing that I’ve been drinking is WATER WATER WATER. Its not even like I’m drinking my water after each bite. I wait until I’m completely done eating before I take a drink. Which means I really get full fast.

Alright now, off to bed!
Be Blessed


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