As Ice Cube say………today was a good day.

Today was a good day at work. Time went fast, lunch went slow, and guess what? We didnt even get our last break.

Its cool through, cause the customers were not acting up today. I didnt work the 12 items or less lane either. The store was tore up. Lord, I am so glad that I get to go home at 10:30 and not stay till 11:00. The last customers were out of the store at 10:40 and the store closes at 10:00 thats how busy we were. I wasnt even tired, just ready to GO! I needed to get  home and be in a new atmsophere.

Thisguy came through my line with his gurlfriend, yesterday he was inthere and kept staring at me until I said hello. He is fione too. Lord Jesus he looks GOULD ( like could). He came through my line today and said you was down there yesterday wasnt you. And Im like yelp, saying to myself, Nick you know I was. He was fine.

Im excited about the new year, Im going to start with some changes for my self. Neisha is in school making a career for herself. She got 2 A\’s and a B on her final grades. She is going to school Spring Semester taking 4 classes. I am so proud of her. She is going to get her Degree in Science. So with all that being said, its time for me…….Ms. Lacrease. Its time for me to start focusing on me. Its time for me to get back in Church, to increase my prayer life, tithe every 2 weeks and give offerings, and to stop dressing likea grandma and start looking \”cute\”. Im tired of my same ole grandma gyms shoes, and my grandma pants, my grand ma outfits period. I also need to learn discipline over my eating and unconscous spending on things that are not necsessary.

I will continue tomorrow .


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