3 Replies to “My Anita Baker Story!”

  1. Gyrl I thank HIM all dayyyy!!!!!!!! i recently started bugging Him like ummmm u said Ask and ye shall receive im ASKINGGGGGGGG FATHERRRRR pleaseeeee im waitingggggg…lol

    He is 2 good 2 us! and ALWAYS ON TIME!!!

    my mom always says disappointments are for the better! we don’t know y when were disappointed of course! lol, i was smiling the entire time i was reading that!!
    that was great! im happy u guys took the trip…u got to NYC for the first time…even though u didn’t make it to ur intended destination u made it to New Yawkkkkk CITYYY!Y!!! welcum to New Yawk CITYYY!!! 😉

    He alwayzzzzzzzzzz Surpasses our expectations!!

    He is WONDERFULLLLLL!!!!!!! -Sigh-

    how can people say theres No G0D?
    Keep giving Him the Glory Gyrl!
    Stay Blessed my Soul-Mate Friend 😉


  2. I know this story very well… It sure brought back(2) bad memories… 1) That long drive & all of what went with it. 2) The second concert was on KEM’s concert date.


    The drive… Whewwwwww.

    *You’re so right Cre’ sometimes you just gotta wait for things to happen… & it’s always Gods’ speed.

    ~ T


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