What would you do? (Cont)

That is a true story.(((Sniffing…..somebody hold my hand)))

I called my sister one late night bout 2 am. Didn\’t have 3 dollars to my name. I wanted a Coney dog so bad. I picked up her and we went to Coney Island.

Yall know I can\’t tell a story without me acknowledging how God played a roll in this. Well just as I was about to leave my daughter who was sleep in the house, a opened the front door to see a man walking down the street looking suspicious. So I closed the door and watched him walk 2 houses up my neighbor\’s house who happens to be a white older woman. Thats when I realized that ole boy was up to something. So I\’m saying to myself dangggggggg, do he know that I know my own neighbors? He is black and my neighbor is white. why would he walk up the stairs to her home when he don\’t live there. So Im like danggggggggg should I even go to the Coney Island with him walking around this neighbor hood like that…and my daughter will be home alone. SLEEP? (15)? So I called my sister and told her that I was running late. So I peeked back out of the window, he got off the porch and walked on down the street. So I got in my car and watched him walk far away. So I went back home called my sister back and was like… IM ON MY WAY…

So we ride up to the drive thru. Im very observant I don\’t MISS NOTHING! But Credog got caught slipping that night. We were in the drive thru, and all of a sudden before I realize this guy was at my car on my side with a double barrel shotgun up to my head, talking about \”give me the money B\”. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous. My legs were shaking and jumping, my sister was hollering. My legs did every dance you can think of! I was just that nervous and caught off guard. My sister kept saying pull off; I was too scared too, because I thought he was going to shoot me. HE was like give me the money!!! I stuck my hands out to give him the lil ole 2 dollars I had for ONE Coney dog, and made a mistake and dropped the doggone money on the ground. When he looked down to see how much it was, he was looking at me like……….GURL YOU GOT ME MESSED UP! You gotta come betta than that. So by now, Im soooooooooooo nervous that my feet comes off the break peddle and bump the car in front of us. So they turned around like Oh no she didn\’t bump my car!!!!!. When they realize that we were getting rob, THEY TOOK OFF AND NEVER GOT THEIR FOOD! ( Kinda funny now) I didn\’t bump them hard, but it made the car rock, they knew what time it was. So after the guy was getting mad, my sister threw her wallet out the window for him. It didn\’t have one thing in it, but an old ID. He was happy. And when I saw him walking away, I looked up and I shot so far and so fast across the street. I didn\’t even care if cars were coming. I WAS OUT LIKE SHOUT! Let me tell yall. I was soooooooooo nervous. That I couldn\’t think. I took my sister home. And then I went home. I laid in bed thinking about all the clues God left for me to stay home.

1. We are late night 4-5am shoppers. We would go to Kmart and shop like its 4pm. AT lease 4 times a week. That\’s soooo not Lady Like!
2.  The guy should have been a warning sign to stay home with MY DAUGHTER!!!
3. I had 2 dollars and some change what in the world was I doing out??

The reason why I asked you what would you do. Is because when I tell people this story. They always have an \” I would have done this \”. And I look at them like WOW. I learned that when you are in situations, you can take 6 people and put them in that same situations and they will handle that same situation different. To this day my sister say gurlllllllllllll you should have took off. I said gurllllllllll you should have been on my side and I would love to see what you had done. lol

Thanks for listening
What are your thoughts?


\”Understand that for us to overcome sin and grow, we must first be aware of the corruption\”.



10 Replies to “What would you do? (Cont)”

  1. Like I said; I don’t know what the heck I would have done… YOu can tell that by my answer on the previous post… I mean yeah, give him the $ I wouldn’t be refusing to give them a piece of change or a couple hun’ My thing would be… Can I get away & save my life During/and/or/after he got the $ IF— I could have.)) If the $ is in my hand I know my arms would have automatically moved towards the window to give it to him.

    I’m thinking my mind would probably be doing a trillion flips a sec. & I just may have used it on my self to tell the truth! (LOL)

    I’m so happy you didn’t hesitate & gave him what he wanted… It doesn’t matter how you handled it… NOW! Because, you’re alive… You hit the nail on the head w/that:

    >>>gurllllllllll you should have been on my side and I would love to see what you had done.<<<

    ~ T


  2. As I said in the previous entry..I was in this situation before with a gun pulled on me..and what makes it so bad is that it was broad daylight 4pm and this guy had to be no more than 16yrs old. People will tell you you shoulda took off, you shoulda fought back, but until you are in that situation you cant say you wouldn’t give up the money. Because first comes fear then shock and after its over oftentimes comes rage. But you just have to calm that rage with the thought that God spared you and just thank him for letting you see another day.



  3. OMGooodness Mona! I hate that happened to you…
    (You, Cre & her sister…) I hope I never have to be in this situation. :o(

    I’d never fight a fool with a gun. People piss me off with their ‘Shoulda’ Coulda’ Woulda’s’


  4. girl!!!! Next time jsut stay in the house! You know it was too late to be eating that mess anyway!! God was definitely on ur side that night! I cant’ believe he stuck u up for two bucks….FUCKING NO GOOD ASS NEED TO GET A JOB MUTHAFUKKA…EXCUSE MY FRENCH I KNOW UR A CHRISTIAN WOMAN UP IN HERE BUT GRRRRRRRRRRRRR THAT PISSED ME OFF!! YOU KNOW HOW I ROLL, LOL!!! I’M GLAD GOD SAW U THROUGH THAT!!! JUST STAY IN THE HOUSE NEXT TIME, DRINK SOME WATER AND GO TO SLEEP NEXT TIME U GET HUNGRY!! I WOULD HATE TO SEE U ON CHANNEL 2 4 AND 7


  5. Wow. Glad you gave up the $$ and got out of there. Folks are crazy. I’m a late night shopper too. I’ll go to Walmart at night in a minute because it’s so much more peaceful to shop then. Next time I’ll rethink going alone.


  6. me i would hae had to run oer him.Please take time to be aware of your surroundings as many people just let stuff pass them buy always get at them before they get at you


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