Entry for March 09, 2006

WoW what a year its been so far! I am in my giving season with nothing in return. Lord. just grant me peace of mind.

This year I promised to tithe faithfully, I promise to give God my first fruits and

y-t-d ( year to date)  its a done deal. I have been tithing faithfully since Jan 1, 2006 and Im loving it. For the first time in my life I \”feel\” like Im doing what Im suppose to be doing. I feel like this is the right thing to do. I feel as if Im never broke, I am always giving, and Im loving this new me. Not only that, but I have started a new bank account and I have been saving money. Something that is very hard to do because I like to spend till its gone. But I have been saving with one bank card, and paying bills with another. Wow! As soon as I get paid, God gets his off rip.

Its funny that Im writing this because I always start off tithing for a pay period, then the next it NEVER cross my mind. I am learning that it takes will power , motivation within knowing you are doing right, lots of discipline, and you have to want to please God.

But you know? The real test is going to come when I dont have enough for rent, and I need to see what will I do. I just feel like being honest. I need to see will I be obediant and give God his off top. Pray for me cause , I dont need to fail another test. lol

Well. Im off to bed talk to ya later.


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