Hey Yahoo Fam!

Well, as you know every other Sunday we have our meetings for the teen group that I started and founded 3 meetings  ago.. And our group name is  called Destiny! 

My coworker and good friend KiKi is my Co-Leader and we have been busy with these gurls.

 We have chosen 4 leaders and when I say they are the bomb, thats what I mean! On Sunday we ordered 10 Large pizzas, we had pops and juice. We told the Leaders that we wanted them to wash their hands, and serve the others, and let me tell you, these gurls did the dogone thang do you hear me? We ( me and Kiki) looked up and everyyyyybody was eating inside of 5 mintues. We made them get together themselves and decide who was going to pass out napkins, plates, the pizza and the pop. Thats all we told them and they decided among themselves who was going to do what and they got it done! Thats what you call Leadership! Getting it done!

I looooooove my gurls so much. I never knew that God had this for me to do. I beleive that I raised my child as best as I could. She is in school and doing so good. But I always had this gift to communicate well with teens. Its like we speak the same language. I can be  an adult when I communicate, and I can talk their talk. See the key is to watch programs with your child, go inside of their world. We treat our kids, like OUR KIDS,  and forget that they are growing up and would love for their parents to \”understand\”, and I tell my teens parents that we have to remember that we once were kids too, so dont act like you didnt do those things they are doing, just try to be \”understanding\”.

Thats the whole key. My daughter watches Raven, and sweet 16 to see the fashions and how other teens live, and I be right in there with her. She watches the videos and Im right in there witih her ………sometimes,  ( it gets on my nerves), she watches her stuff and we as parents have to go there with them in order to understand them better. Thats why me and Neisha have the relationship we have, because I make sure that I come into her world.

This weeks meeting my God daughter spoke to the teens about teenage pregnacy and she did a good job. The gurls really listned to her. I thought that was very helpful. Later on we talked about RULES! We wanted to talk to them about it because being a teen they wonder why they have to follow the rules their parents set.  We had rules grwoing up, even at a job you have rules……..come on now!!!!!. As soon as they read the next sentence about parents and rules, they knew where we were going with it, and they GOT IT! LOL Rules are rules. If you dont want anyone coming to your room messing up and disrespecting it, then thats how momma feel about the rules in her house.

Just tonight me and KiKi called the 4 Leaders and told them that we are taking them to a dinner buffet on Sunday @ 4pm. They are sooooooooooo excited. We want to go over somethings with them as far as their roles and break them off into groups were they will be responisble for them.

Thank you Jesus for giving me the vision, the patience, the love, the gift to do this. People ask me how do I do it, and its natural to me. When the gurls are with me all they do is hug on me and kiss me. They call me auntie ZZ. Thats my nickname.

This week we had at least 26 or 27 gurls. I have to go over my paper work for  the real count. Its growing week. So pray that God bless me with a home wayyyyyyyyy big enough to house them!

Amen???? Amen



4 Replies to “Destiny!”

  1. That is such a blessing! Our children are too precious to just let them be, they need guidance and once your girls get to talking, don’t be surprised if the group grows and grows!


  2. I remember when we had long chats about this long time ago.

    You wanted to work with the homeless and sleep outside one night and I wanted to work with the little girls. Now look at you… You’re doing a great job! I’m happy you’ve stepped up and did the dang on thing that needed to be done. I’m sure you’re going to get that house you want. You think they’re happy now, in the future the girls are going to be very happy you took the time to share your time, helping them take the right path through this journey of life.

    Do it, Do it, Do it, Do it…. :o)

    I’m proud of you… Momma “Z” / Auntie “ZZ” (Smile)

    ~ T


  3. Hey T,

    YES, YES, YES I remeber those long talks gurl!!! I wanted to work with the grown ups! And I wanted to do the homeless thing with them, but dealing with getting the women to get together was another thing. Thats when I met you. I loved the kids and all, but I was into the grownups. BUT IT WAS NOT MY CALLING!!!!! LET THAT BE KNOWN. My nieces are alwayssssssss at my house, all the time, when I get home from work they are here. And thats where God comes into this. Because as bad as IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII key word I wanted to work with grown ups and our issues, in the back of my mind I knew God wanted me to work with young gurls. The connection is so different. But I tried and wanted to do what I wanted. I even put together here at this house Im at now a few “grown up” gathers, many came out, but after wards they went on with their lives. But you know what amazes me? That I have to kick the grownups out of the house when they drop their teens off. When I was into doing the same thing with them, they were “too busy” “had to work” “didnt have no way” ” had other engagements”. That was God saying to me okay so are you ready to do what I WANT YOU TO DO LACREASE? When I tried to show you that I wanted you to do something else you still had your heart and mind on the adults. But when you realize that I didnt call you to do that, then you will begin to form your group with my blessings! And so this is WHO I AM!

    Im so happy that I didnt stay into the “I want to work with the adults mode”, instead I allow God to come in and direct my path………….I gave up that what “I wanted”. I have learned so much about me as a person, in these last months that it amazes me. I owe it all to God.


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