Hey now!

Hello Everyone!
Wow, seems like forever since I really got a chance to chit chat with you all. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and reading my blog daily The Seven Deadly Dating Sins by Ron Elmore!!! I hope that it has sparked something in someone who is single and looking to be blessed with a husband. I think we all came out with some wisdom.
 A few things I want to share with you all. I didn\’t want to post anything until I was done with the dating sins.
Well, remember me telling yall about Bob, the guy who had the chips on his lips all the time? Well, he passed away. He didnt look sick to me.  No one is sure how he died. He didn\’t have any family or many friends here in Detroit. He paid for his funeral in advance, and when they told me, I was sick and shocked about it. He died the same night my blog was posted (I\’m jus saying week 2).
 Its funny how I hated to see chips on Bob\’s lips, but I would love to see it now.  Aint that deep?Thats why we gotta continue treating each other with love and hugs and kisses, you never know what you need to see from someone \”just one mo time\”  before they are dead and gon\’. You neva know. He talked a lot, but he was my boy. Whew that boy can  gooooooooo! lol
Ok yall, I need to lose some weight! I am so tired of looking at these big ole thighs, and this big ole behind that you can sit a dinner plate and a cup on it!!!!  LOL I am tired! So starting today……. June 6, 2006. Its on and poppin! I have got too. I know I keep on saying it, I know I do, but I\’s tied! I need to feel better, its not about looks, or fashion, its about feeling healthy. Im tired of being out of breath, huffing and puffing like Im bout to blow the house down?????? lol God didn\’t mean for Lacrease to be this way. This is not living!!!! Im going to put a plan together, and if any one wants to join me, lets do this! Let do this. I aint got nothing but time to try…………. again.
Well, guess what? Im getting ready to go see my gurl Joyce Meyers! I rented a car for 4 days and Im staying in a hotel for 3 nights. Im doing a solo! Yes, I am. Im doing a solo, Im not taking anyone with me. It\’s gonna be me and God!! Yep, Im going to meet him there and we are going to spend the weekend together!!!!!! How cool is that? Im going to Joyce\’s Conferences 3 days, but the rest of my time is going to be spent with my Lord!!! I am excited!!! Yes I am! Just me and him. Talking, laughing, praying, communicating and reading. Im taking my vacation July 13-20. So the count down is on!
I have a awesome testimony to share with you all tomorrow. When I say God is the balm, yall better believe it! When I share this story you will know what Im talking about.
Im closing for now, talk to you all later.
I love you all
Pearls of Wisdom
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

13 Replies to “Hey now!”

  1. Have a wonderful vacation Ma wit the Lord :)… P.S. sorry for ur lost of a friend. until lata, Holla at ur Phat Daddy Boo… enjoy the trip


  2. ummm.. oh girl i got a lil distracted looking at Detroit Westside Gentleman arms (he should know better than that)…….ok i’m back have fun with Joyce Meyers she is really good and she be DRESSING HER BUTT OFF girl… I’m sorry about Bob it’s a trip because you never know whats going to happen… and on another note I dont believe in that losing weight thing I think we all look good just the way we are I am a thick chic and I love it I love my big ole legs and butt of course. I was talking with a friend before and I told her it’s not the small women i am competing with it’s these big girls … but if thats truly what you want to do then more power to ya but I think big is just so beautiful


  3. Cre you are going to ENJOY JOYCE!! I went to her conference in Hampton back in April and it was something. It was awesome to see a colliseum full of people worshipping and praising God and to hear the Word of God come forth through this woman in such a down to earth way. She tells it like it is; it’s not a boring sermon; her teachings are dynamic and hits right home. Juse awesome! The group that sings at her conferences is great too! Enjoy yourself! Now, I’m sorry to hear about Bob even though I can still imagine those chips on his lips. I also wish you well in your weight loss. I would like to shed a few pounds too because I can relate to the lack of energy and the huffing and puffing thing.


  4. Cracking @ Lady J !!!! Gurl you are sooo funny! I cant wait till she gets here July 13. its only June but I’m so excited about it.


    Miss Dee yes Joyce tells it like it is, And I love her accent. She walks around the podium with her cute outfits on, and she just spit out knowledge like its nothing!!!!!!. Next month when I go, it will be my first Joyce Meyer’s Conference. I have been wanting to see her for the longest, you know how people back out? Well, I have learned that doing things alone is good too, so your gurl is doing a solo!!!!



    Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy


  5. i love me some joyce meyer and sweety you be blessed i was 340 now im 230 its hard to adjust being this small ggggrrr lol i had to do it for health issues, and enjoy your self gurl thats so sweet me and god ahhh i know the feeling u cant help but to love him over and over agin he is a AWESOME GOD
    love wind


  6. the seven sins was right on time”THANK You” ..sorry……… so very sorry about Bob…enjoy your time with God we all need to do that from time to time and gurl you know i need to drop some wt. too i am 5’1 and a sweet 190


  7. So sorry to hear about Bob, It happen so fast never seen that one coming but it’s like that some time when the call us home we go running…. Enjoy your vac. with the lord have fun for me. I can’t wait to hear the news I just know it’s good and im feeling you on the diet thing Im workin gon that my self it’s to hot in memephis for me to be so fat..Im with you we can do it together share all the food tips i have found power walking and counting fat grams help…til next time love yea


  8. Sorry to hear about BOB, but rest assured GOD makes no mistakes….

    Gurl enjoy yo self some Joyce, she is ia wonderful teacher of the word down to eart. I to need to take some time alone to spend with GOD. I haven’t read the The Seven Deadly Dating Sins by Ron Elmore!!! but I shall…

    I also can agree with you about the weight thingy…lol I was 385, then went to 175- 180, now back to 190, but I vow to lose this other 25 lbs, it’s a challenge from month to month but I will do it by the grace of GOD…but if I don’t I am alright with it too. I struggle now more than before being smaller why I don’t know why….but I am going to try to hang in there with you in the weight lose. God Bless….


  9. Enjoi them ALL!! MAY HE REST IN PEACE!!

    do it gyrl!!!!! have fun!! u will HAVESUCHAGREATTIME!! I KNOWW..OUR FATHER IS A GREAT DATE!!!!!!!!


    contiue to b our blessing sis!


  10. One of the funniest & I mean ONE of the funniest & ONE of the truest things I’ve heard Joyce Meyer say was;

    “Well, you know, I can go sit in the garage all day and that don’t make me a car. Just because someone sits in church week after week doesn’t make them a Christian. A Christian is someone who has Jesus in their heart.”

    I was thinking… Thank GOD for TiVo! LOL. I put that baby on rewind/pause/rewind/pause until I finished writing it all down. Joyce Meyer will make you talk to her through the TV! I’ve seen her once in Cleveland with my Mother and I’ve also used her on my blog a while back. I know you’re going to have an awesome time there and your time sitting at the foot of the Lord— Alone. Gon’ head Cre—Cre’

    ~ T


  11. *WHY do I feel bad I frowned at the computer when you mentioned Bob’s chips-on-lips when I read your previous post?*

    Oh & BTW, I’ve finally got my lazy butt up & did some walking 2x’s a day two days THIS WEEK! Aaaahm only ONCE today… I was supposed to leave at 7:30 but, I’m sitting here on this dang on computer! You could stroll by here and we could walk together around this school across the street from me… >wink< I would love the company!!

    ~ T


  12. Always tell people things because one day they may be gone and it’s too late…some people like me like thick women don’t lose too much be you baby


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