Cree is in the house!!!!


Today was a good day!! I woke up to hotness this morning. Its been 60ish and 70ish all year. Then this morning I woke up early, it was hot denamug!!! You know how you try to go back to sleep, but you gotta pee and as soon as you open your eyes, its like the pee know you\’re awake and want to come out faster and aggressive? LOL Well that\’s how it did me this morning. After I got up I stayed up, make some spaghetti for dinner before I went to work * my daughter loves mines* and I work for 7 hours today. Time flew by too, maybe because I was off for 2 days in a row * which never happens unless I request it .*

This morning, I forgot to read my Faith for a Lifetime Inspirations. I thought about it when I got to work, and the first thing I said was Lord, let today be a good day. And it was. These days, you shouldn\’t go a day without praying. When I\’m reading my bible daily, I feel so good. I feel so good you can slap me and I probably won\’t feel it. As soon as I close it, there is the enemy trying to make up for that time I gained with God. It amazes me how Satan just wont give up. Then I hear God will this calm, soft spoken, but with authority voice overpower the enemy.

Everyday I try to examine myself to see what areas I need God to work on, I am truly a work in progress, God aint hardly done with me yet. He knows everything there is no know about me. I was thinking recently how big of an influence I have on people at work because it\’s so many people, and when I\’m upset about something, they watch me. They want to see how I handle things, they want to see all this God stuff I talk * in season* is still the God I serve *out of season*. Its funny too, because in the middle of my ranting and raving, I can hear God say: Aiiiiiiight Lacrease calm down, cause when you\’re not upset anymore, you\’re going to have to explain to them why you\’re not acting Godly. LOL Isn\’t that amazing? And it never fails!!! That\’s why Christians have to be careful of what you say to and around people, because they want to know if you are going to *be yourself*, or if you are going to do *what Jesus would do*.

Aiight, I\’m getting sleepy, my eyes are crossing. Here is day 2 of naming my Top 10 Hollywood Favorite Men. When I get to the last day and person, I\’m going to write a full page on this person.

Idris Elba

Something about those male Virgos!!! I\’m 5 years and 3 days older than he is. He seem to be a good and loving person. I love his accent, and I love the way he carries himself. I loved him in Daddy\’s Little Girls and I plan to see all his movies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I have seen all of his movies, he is my favorite male actor EVER! I loved him in Terminator and when he became Governor I was upset because I wanted him to still do movies. Its okay tho, as long as he\’s happy, I\’m happy. I was hoping for a Terminator 4! But that may never happen. This is one bad dude!

Have a Blessed Day!



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