Growing up……….putting away childish things!

Growing up……… I was the kinda  gurl who would get an F on my school work and report card  before I would ask the teacher to explain and go over the assignment with me. I was too shy, and didn\’t want to feel \”dumb\” because I didn\’t understand. I would stare in horror as the others picked up their pen and pencils to begin their assignment. I would pick up mines too, drift off mentally and wish that I could disappear because I \”felt\” so stupid.
((((((((Yahoo 360 group hug)))))))))
But Thank God for Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! ( laughing)
I dont know what day it was that I came out of it, but Thank you Jesus I\’m not that same person today.
One day I realized that everybody was finding out the things that they wanted and needed to know, but I was the one who didn\’t know jack! I never asked questions, I would always put somebody up to it for me.
Till God started putting me in situations that I needed to speak up for myself, or ask the questions for myself because no one else was with me. I never wanted to go places alone because of this.
All my life I wanted to be either a Lawyer, or an interrogator. But I guess you know in those careers you need to be able to communicate and ask questions. Well, I couldn\’t be either one of those because of my shyness and self esteem.
Today, I ask so many question……………its a shame! lol Its so funny to me, because when I tell people how I use to be they dont believe me, because of how outspoken and to the point I am. I dont hurt people\’s feelings, I just wanna know the truth!!!!! I want to get to the bottom of any situation.
Let give yall an example: If my gurl call me and say \”Lacrease guess who I just saw at the gas station (she lives her in Detroit so I hear this a lot\”? I would say who gurl who? Anita Baker!!!!
Here are my questions:
  • Where was she at
  • What she have on
  • What did she say
  • Who was she with
  • What time was this
  • What kinda car she have
  • What was she doing
  • Who was she talking too\’
  • Did anybody say anything to her?
  • Was she acting funny?
  • Was she with her kids (noticed I already asked this question but in a different way)
Yes, that is me. and people that know me, knows that I will ask these questions inside of 3 minutes. They get soooooooooooo mad at me, and say dangggggggg I shouldn\’t have never told you that! lol I MAKE THEM ANSWER EVERY QUESTION TO MY SATISFACTION. LOL
The reason why I ask this question is because the bible says: 11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 1 Corinthians 13:11 (King James Version)
Share something that you USE to do that could have held you back in life, but you put away childish things.
God Bless
Pearls of Wisdom
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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