Men………gotta love em!

Stock Photo of a Well Dressed Man Sitting at Computer Desk With Glasses

Why come yesterday while at work, I was coming out of the bathroom, when all of a sudden this guy that I use to talk to came out of no where  and started telling me that he just bought a one of the best neighborhoods, a brand new truck, got a better job paying $3,000 more a year, and all this other stuff. Then before I can say anything he says: Well ok bye…… I gotta go…… see ya later.

 So naturally Im standing there looking like dayummmmmmm…………where all that come from? I aint seent ( slang) you in Lawd knows how long. And here you come dropping all this in my lap………..and Im not even at home… Im at work. Like Im suppose to stop, drop and roll up at your “new” house. Naw… um………..

Now Im thinking to myself ok, does he want to see if Im going to call him later when I get home? Cause I guess you know…………..he dont know me like that!

We never did anything, he cant seem to figure out why,even though he looks good Lawdddddd!!!!!!!! Whew, he is tall about 6’7 dark like I like em, thick with a stomach made just for rubbing and taking naps on, he makes good money, he’s a business man, he comes from a good family. He drives the best! No kids, and live alone!

But its just something about him that I wasnt feeling.

He was the type of man that figure well if you dont want me, then you must feel intimidated by my success. But it soooooooooo wasnt that. My thang is this, stop telling me what you got and let me see for myself. Because my point is this: What good will all that do for me, if you have 4-5 women running in and out of your life. If I was #1 and I knew it because of your actions and how you made me feel, then sure we can kick it like that. But when you have to tell me everything you got, instead of going with the flow of things, then to me  you hiding something else.

I have been with men who didnt tell me nothing or brag about himself. When he picked me up he was driving the nicest car, when I went to his house it was laid out, when I went to visit his family they had it going on. I hate when a man feel that he has to “tell” me what he has. Just let a sistah see for herself what chu working with. She’ll love you for it.

Cre promise


7 Replies to “Men………gotta love em!”

  1. I agree with you but lets keep it real a lot of women out there need and want to know all that up front because they want to know what they can get out of this, my whole thing is I got this I got that and this is what I can bring to the table, now what do you have to bring to the table its stupid to me because the money will not catch my attention or what a woman can do for me, I have been doing for myself for a very long time now, I would love to have a down to earth good woman on my side that I don’t have to have to have a 6 and 7 figure salary or a Jaguar or something to that effect to woo a woman, because once they get to know me they would be pissed cause this brother will not be giving it up like that.


  2. I feel you on that too boo. You know what I can say back in the day, I probaly would have wanted to know what a man have up front. But see it wouldnt come out in a whole conversation like his was. It would eventaully come out as a normal conversation. If Im talking to a guy on the phone for about a week before we actually go out, and he never mentions to me what kinda car he has, Im ok with that. Because a smart woman will see when he gets there. Then again there are woman out there that needs to know UPFRONT!

    To me its soooo not important to me. Let me give you an example. That same guy I talked about in my story. When I met him last year he lived with his mother, was a branch manager at Comerica ( a bank) and his truck was beat up. But look at him today. Im saying situations change from the time you meet a person to maybe 9 months. My point is this: Get to know that person, get to be around him, his friends and family. Get to know his likes and dislikes.

    Cause let me say this: If you meet a man, find out that he has it going on, and you start liking him for him and who he is. Then one day while you are still dating this person. He gets in a bad car accident and need someone to nurse him back to health. The person who will be there for him would be that same person who didnt care about what he had up front, because she got to know him for herself. She will be the one who nurse her boo back to health. While the others wait with poison in their hearts and souls for him to get back on his feet.

    I want to be able to feel my boo, because all of other things he has will come with the man.


    Thanks for stopping by!

    From this day on, I will try my best to live my life in a way pleasing to God. Because I want my name in the Book of Life~~ Lacrease


  3. Girl I just love the man in the picture! He just distractted me…did u see how i spelled that see how throwed off i was…


  4. lolllll Gurl are you so funnyyyyy. lolllllllllll Yeah he is cute aint he, its dem eyes gurl, the eyessssss!
    I miss you!



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