Entry for July 25, 2007

Ugh!!! Cant sleep tonight, so I decided to get on line and blog. Its 6:48 am and I am cramping and so bloated that I could just float up in space somewhere. I\’m hungry but all I could find is peanut butter no jam ( in the tune of Cedric the Entertainer\’s on Kings of Comedy). So I got a spoon and I\’m eating it out of the jar. I remember when we were growing up, me and my sister loved us some peanut butter, mannnnn we use to open the jar, stick our fingers in it and eat our butss off. Then my momma would go to fix us some, and she would say \’who been sneakin in the peanut butter\”? We would be the first to lie. We couldn\’t understand how she knew that somebody had been in the peanut butter. Well duhhhhhh, Im grown now, and I can sure as heck tell when my doublemint gum has only one left, when it should be 3!!! Dang………..we were some dum kids. ROFL!

You know as you get older you start thinking about the ignant things you use to do.I had to be the ignanist, meanest, stupidest early 20ish gurl you had ever seen. I remember one day, I was into it with the gurl downstairs from me. We lived in a 2 family flat, I called all my gurls over, we bought drinks, and everything, plus I had a brand new Fisher Stereo System. Well I told my friends to stomp on the floor, dance, make all the noise you can, cause we was about to run home gurl outta her and her kids mind!!!!!!! Kids too ( aint that ignant?) They did just that, we were drunk and acting a fool. Well she called the police on me, and when they came out it was my friend Micheal Jackson and his partner. When he saw my face, he was like gurl what yall doing? Why did she call the police on you? I told him, and he said \”its some fione women here, is she jealous\”. After they left we went on partying, and then made it known to her, that she had called out MY friends from the Police Station.(AH~HA)

After all my company left, I was tired, drunk, and sleepy. The next day, I woke up and guess who was standing over me? My Landlord, and he\’s a white guy. So I jumped up, vomit all in the bed, on the floor, and all he said was Lacrease, you didn\’t lock you door, and the gurl called me and told me that you were having a party and playing loud music over her head last night. That was all I needed to hear, that partying stuff, I had to hang up. How spooky is it to wake up and your landlord is standing over you? He didn\’t do anything to me, but its the fact of me being so out of my mind, that this would happen.

Thats why this is one of my favorite scriptures in the bible.11When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things .1 Corinthians 13:10-12 (King James Version

Aint that the dogone truth? We do a lot of childish things growing up, if I could change one thing about myself as I reminisce on my mess, it would be to listen more and not run my mouth so heavy. Goodness, I\’m surprised somebody aint knocked my mouth off. Its funny now, because I am so not that. I don\’t bother anyone, don\’t go out, don\’t smoke, don\’t drink all I love to do is go to concerts, plays, movies, take walks, and TRAVEL! If I even go off on somebody I would be sitting up thinking to myself, how am I going to make this right with this/that person. I would be plotting on how I\’m going to make back friends with you. LOL Sometimes I ask God, why am I so friendly, and so nice to people, and when they go off on me. I may or may not go off, but its funny cause we could be in a fight or argument, and as soon as you walk away, if a car comes and hit you, I would be the first one crying, screaming, calling the police, going to the hospital with you and all. I can see myself doing that. Sometimes it bothers me to believe that I could fight you one min and be praying for you in another. Is that normal. Good thing I never had a fight in my life, probaly cant fight. LOL If I could take back every punch I threw I would.

Well, I\’m going to close out for now, you know how you hear a song in your mind, and you cant stop playing it? Well, here is that song, YOU LISTEN TO IT TOO! HAHA

Pearls of Wisdom
July 27-29, 2007
Detroit, Michigan


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