Cree\’s Ramblings

Cree\’s Ramblings
Oct, Oct, Oct!!! What a month. I have a lot on my plate this month. Our brand new Church open yesterday, and it is beautiful!!! I got up @ 6:00 am just to drive in line @ the old Church, so that we can be police escorted to our new Church. We had about 500-700 cars in the procession. It bought tears to my eyes to see so many people on one accord. When we got there, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony and when we marched in to our new building, there was the mass choir singing. I was in tears. The whole thing was so spiritual and so real. I got home about 3:00 PM. I laid on the couch for a while, then got up and watched Bridezilla ( that\’s another story). Took Neisha home and went to bed!!!
Got up this morning and went to work. Had to return my air bed, then I went to buy a blouse for the Tyler Perry play that\’s coming on Friday (Oct 12). From there I went to pay a bill, then to put my pant-Capri\’s in the cleaners. Dang, it was hot today. Here it is Oct and its almost 90 degrees, tell me the world ain\’t coming to an end. I was so hot when I left work today, I got instantly irritated. You know how its hot outside and you just want to finish doing what you are doing and get back in the house? That\’s how it was, no talking, no playing, no nothing!!! LOL
My gurl Cookie and her daughters are coming in on Thursday now instead of Friday morning. We got a lot planned. When she gets here on Friday, first thing we are going is going to purchase our TP WDIGM tickets for that night Oct 11. The day before the actually showing. Then after we have dinner, we are going to my Church to see TD Jakes!!! Yep, he will be here this Thursday and we plan to get there @ 5:00, I don\’t care how long we will sit before it start, I need to be there early for a good seat. When it comes to Church and functions I don\’t play that being late stuff. I can;t even remember a time when I was EVER late for Church.
Anyway, TD Jakes should be done by at least 10:30-11:00. And please don\’t let me forget the time it took to get out of that baby yesterday. We are headed straight to the midnight show. The next morning which is Friday Oct 12. I\’m going to pick up my rental truck and then were going out to dinner, or pick up something before we head to the play @8. Yesterday, I ordered and printed out our parking ticket from Ticketmaster. Last time I went to an event and when I went up to park, they were like you have to have a parking pass. I was like huh? A who? How do you get one of those? They told me to order it on line. So guess what? I got something fo dey butts, I GOT ONE THIS TIME!! LOL Its going to save money (its 20.00 plus to park at these downtown events) and time. Time is more important to me than money. Were going to go in, get a daiquiri and chill the heck out till the show starts.
But first………… tomorrow is a clean up day, my guest are coming in and I needs to clean!!! Then on Wednesday, I have another short day at work. LOL ROFL It kills my coworkers to see Cree leaving up outta there in 4 hours!!! Ain\’t gon lie, when they get those good days, it kills me too. LOL So, I\’m going to come home and then @ 5pm, I\’m going to Neisha\’s ( my daughter) place of living……….on campus. And go with her @ 6 to hear this Assistant Prosecutor speak about his cases. She wants to be an Assistant Prosecutor when she graduates from Law School in 4 years. We are Lawyers to our hearts, and when she asked me to go, I was like I get off at 1pm. BABY I\’M SO THERE WITH YOU! Then I\’m taking her to dinner, she doesn\’t know it tho. She\’s home every week, but I don\’t get a chance to spend one on one with her like we use to do. And boy did she remind me of that last night on the phone when she got back on campus. (hehehe). Imma come home hop on line for a minute and then go to bed, cause my gurl Cookie and my nieces come in early that next morning…how bout 11:30? I still gotta get my brows and nails done early Thursday.
Cookie leaves on Saturday mornin
g, and that\’s the day me and Neisha will be hanging out. Maybe go to the casino in our new loaner. LOL Maybe we\’ll go riding, and later that day, my mom want to go and see Tyler Perry\’s movie. So that\’s cool. Then on Sunday for our new Church time @ 10:00 am, Prophetess Janet Floyd will be out guest speaker. That following Sunday, we are having Perfecting Church Pastor Marvin Winans. I can\’t wait!!! I\’m going to a wedding on Oct 20, so my month is filled to the brim with festivities. I love it!!! I can hear my car now, saying, \”ma ma, ma ma I\’m hungry, feed me…..( gas). LOL
Listen to what I did. I had a taste for some cake right? Now that\’s my favorite desert. WE will fist fight over some cake………..I ain\’t playing. I will mess you up over some cake. My husband has to know that I\’m in charge of the flavoring of the cake, and who makes it. I have me very own cake decorator. She is been for years and years and years. Well, I cant back a cake to save my life. So I took my fat but to the store, bought some cake mix, eggs, and went home. I mixed all the ingredients together, got me a spoon, and glass of water, and went sat down at the computer. Sho did. I ate the cake just like that. NO, not all of it, just some of it. Well, I had a taste for it. I remember when we were young my momma use to let us \”lick\” the bowl all the time, and yep, I was the HEAD CHICK in charge. After I got tired of eating it, I threw the rest out. Whew it was good too.
Right now, this allergy is acting a fool on me. Sometimes I wish I could tell it , look……….we bout to go in the sto, don\’t be coughing, and sneezing all ova the place, you wait till we get back home or in the car before you start that mess. And when we get to the movies, don\’t be coughing and interrupting people while they are watching TV ( yep TV), that\’s rude. But oh well too bad, it has a mind of its own, and it will come out whenever he wants. hehe.
This man came through my line today. He was an older white man. And he said to me, why are you smiling and such in a good mood? I said sir, its because where ever I go, no matter what I do, I always get the best service. In a restaurant, a store, bank, beauty shop, any where. I always get good customer service, and so I said, this is my way of paying it back. This is to show my appreciation to God. He makes me happy, he makes me crack up at work. I cant be nothing but in a good mood.
Speaking of Pops!! I know he loves me, the bible says: in

Proverbs 13 (New International Version)

24 He who spares the rod hates his son,
but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.
He is always on me. I can\’t do anything wrong without I\’m being in my ear about it. He walks me mentally through the consequences of everything I want to do wrong. He makes me mentally feel how I would feel if I was to do it. And you know? That keeps me from doing and saying a lot of things. Just today……Lord forgive me. I had just got off work on my way home, I had got my blouse from the mall and was riding through Targets parking lot outside of the mall when this lady who happened to be the only person out, was walking with her basket down the lane where I\’m driving. So, I\’m like no she ain\’t????? So, as I\’m getting closer to her, I rev on the gas to speed up and let her know that I\’m behind her, no she didn\’t turn around slow down, look at me and then kept going. Talking about irritated? I laid on my horn for about 78 minutes!!! LOL I purposely tried to make my horn go out!!! I know that\’s bad………………..and that\’s why Pops ( God) got with me for that. I felt bad, now that I think back on it, it was funny. Man its hot here in Detroit………….. 90 degrees……..come on now, just let a sistah get home!!
Well, I\’m closing for now, gotta go and get my blogs together before this movie comes out. Make sure you go out and support my boo, my baby, my friend, Tyler Perry on Oct 12, Why did I get Married?

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