Why did I get married? ………..PT8

Ladies, lets face it and get real about it. Men love sports. Its in their nature. They love the excitement, the tough ness, the drive, the dedication, the motivation. When it comes to a man watching his sports and you joining him. Its either you\’re all in, or you fall in! One or the OTHER.
Being single, I get to talk to my gurls and male friends that are married. And I have learned so much from them. I think about being married at 20 and realizing that I wouldn\’t KNOW JACK!! LOL
But I do know one thing, men loves a woman who loves to watch sports with him. Me? I love sports. I can tell you every every every every every play when it comes to football. I can measure right off rip when it comes to a first down, whether is short or good. I know a good kick off, a good field goal, and when its a flag/penalty. Foot ball is my favorite sport. And don\’t let him want to watch basketball, I got that too. And baseball………..whatchasay, I know every play there is in baseball. I know strikes and curve balls, all the players positions, when the manager is going to the bull pen to call another pitcher and everything. I don\’t know much about tennis, but I\’m willing to learn. I will watch a little of boxing, but I can\’t touch golf. Just for the fact of me thinking about \”whose going to go and get all them balls he hitting out there\”. Not me, that drives me crazy!!! I\’ll drive that car around all day tho. LOL .
Here\’s the deal.
Wives, if YOU don\’t enjoy sports, its OKAY, It really is. Don\’t take it to heart when your husband calls over a few of his friends to watch the game. Don\’t feel neglected. Enjoy that time for yourself. Before the game comes on, ask him what can YOU pick up from the grocery store for him and his friends to eat while the game is on? Its okay if they ask you to go get this and go get that for them. Men like to be pampered and spoiled too, just like us!!!
You are doing this for the man you chose to love. He will enjoy it. All while he\’s with this friends, he will be thinking about how good you treated them. Even if you chose to love a man who hardly shows/tell you he appreciates you, deep down he does. It\’s okay to make this time \”his\” time. Then go and get some YOU time in. Go shopping, or visit a friend, surf the net, or even call up some friends for a game of spades.
When the game is over, and the guys are gone, I bet you 100% of the time left, he\’s going to spend it with you. Why? Well for one, since you did go out shopping and made snacks for him and his buddies, he\’s automatically going to feel that he needs to let you know how much he appreciated it. You gave him his \”him\” time, you didn\’t guilt trip him on the fact that he\’s watching sports and not paying you attention, you didn\’t nag him to fix something he promised to do days ago, and………………his team probably won!!
So, I say that to say, if you love the game, join him. If you don\’t…..cater to him and find you something to do. When everyone is gone, its back to you and him. And it\’s O………..K

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