*knowing in advance*


First I must say Thank you Lord for listening to my prayer last night, when I got to work this morning, and all through my shift. I tell you if it wasn\’t for you, I would be back to my mean ways, and out of control. But don\’t even worry, its not in me to return to my ways. I just wanted to let you know Lord, that I thank you for your whispers, and your wisdom. Thank you for telling me things over, and over, and over, and over again before they even happen. You have always given me that gift, and at one point I couldn\’t handle knowing things ahead of time and so I told you that I didn\’t want it. Yep, I told you to take it away because it was causing me too much * trouble*. I felt * odd* and *out of place* for knowing things in advance when others didnt have a clue for what was about to happen, or even happening. For many years, I was without that gift, and as I grew up and began to seek you, I needed it and ask for it back, and its in full effect now. Boy is it in full effect!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I don\’t know where to start. There is so much going on right now * shaking my head* that\’s really nothing new to me, God told me all in advance, but I\’m still learning how to grasp all that\’s told to me before hand. I\’m going to get it right Lord, I promise you. I have got to learn how to control this feeling that comes over me once you reveal something to me. I\’m learning tho, I\’m learning. When I don\’t know the motive behind something, I get frustrated and want to go Madea on these people. LOL I know you are watching me, so no matter how crazy I looked today at my register praying. Just know… that I appreciate everything. THANK YOU DADDY.

Tomorrow after work I will share everything that\’s going on. Its nothing bad, but maybe someone can get something out of it for their own lives.

I\’m gone to bed for now, but I promise I will share it.



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