Kym Worthy/Gerald Levert/ Anita Baker


Thank you Lord for a wonderful weekend!!! This has truly been one to remember. I met some new people, went to see my #1 gurl Anita Baker * did I even have to say her name*. Today is my honey Gerald Levert\’s Birthday, met my favorite person around town at Walmart on Saturday, her name is Kym Worthy, she\’s our Wayne State Prosecutor. Went shopping today bought me a coupla outfits, rented me a 2008 car, and its back to work tomorrow.

Huhhhhhh, where do I start? Let me start with Kym Worthy. Let me let you read a little about her.

Detroit\’s dramatic prosecutor – Kym Worthy, lawyer in Malice Green police brutality case

lawyer\’s near-perfect conviction rate

SHE strides toward the witness stand, abruptly stops and strikes her now-famous pose, arms folded, head cocked to one side with her face contorted into a look of repulsed disbelief.

Detroit prosecutor Kym Worthy\’s withering glances, combative cross-examinations and numerous charts and graphs are just a few of the tactics she uses to persuade juries to convict perpetrators of serious crimes.

With her colorful business suits, multicolored painted fingernails and long, black tresses, Worthy is a college-educated homegirl who is calling her own shots in an ultraconservative, White male-dominated legal system.

The then 36-year-old lawyer scored her biggest victory when a jury convicted two White Detroit police officers charged with second-degree murder in the beating death of Black motorist Malice Green. (The police officers were fired after they were convicted were fired after they were convicted.) That victory boosted Worthy\’s win ratio to 90 percent of the 100 jury cases she\’s tried since joining the Wayne County prosecutor\’s office.

Worthy is clearly the go-to person when it comes to prosecuting high-profile cases. Her victories include the conviction of Michael Cato, who was charged with murder in connection with the death of his brother-in-law Anthony Riggs upon Riggs\’ return to Detroit from military service in the Persian Gulf. She also won a murder-for-hire case in which an elementary schoolteacher was fatally shot by a hit man in front of her sixth-grade students.

The charismatic attorney has a special knack for getting her message across to juries by using simple language and vivid illustrations. Her down-to-earth approach reached its dramatic height during the concurrent murder trials of former Detroit police officers Larry Nevers and Walter Budzyn.

While prosecuting Budzyn, Worthy stretched a tape measure 2 feet and asked Budzyn to explain how he could be so close to Green without witnessing his beating. \”You were this far away from Malice Green and didn\’t see him being pummeled to death?\” she asked incredulously. \”You couldn\’t smell the blood?\”

Worthy defends her courtroom tactics, saying she is well within the bounds of proper jurisprudence. She contends her remark about Budzyn\’s inability to smell the blood was not inflammatory.

\”I don\’t think that it\’s pushing the lines,\” Worthy says. \”I think it\’s just being thorough. He gave me a story that I didn\’t think was plausible. I wanted to make sure the jury was able to evaluate if for what it was worth, and I just wanted to show that it wasn\’t worth too much.\”

Some interpret Worthy\’s self-confidence as arrogance. She attributes that interpretation to sexism. \”They wouldn\’t say that about me if I were a man,\” she counters. \”I was no more aggressive, in my opinion, than any of the men that prosecuted the case.\”

Worthy blames a black of women trial lawyers for the public\’s misunderstanding of her courtroom demeanor \”People are not used to seeing females aggressively prosecute a case,\” she explains.

\”If you had a family member that was killed, wouldn\’t you want someone aggressively representing your side?\” Worthy asks in defense of her aggressive style. \”You wouldn\’t want them to be wimpish. You just don\’t prosecute homicides like that. I\’m going to do everything that I can that is within the bounds of the law.\”

Worthy\’s assertive manner and personal style were showcased during the three-month-long trial which ws broadcast nationally on cable television\’s Court TV channel.

\”I didn\’t realize so many people were watching the trial until people started stopping me in the streets telling me the prosecution was doing a good job,\” Worthy says. \”I knew that no matter what the verdict was, at least people would have seen the trial and could perhaps understand how the jury reached its verdict.\”

But being in the media spotlight every day had its drawbacks, Worthy says. At the beginning of the trial, the local paper published profiles of the attorneys involved in the case. While the stories on the male lawyers cited their experience, Worthy\’s article focused on her hair and nails.

\”Some people thought I was a bimbo of something,\” says the University of Michigan and University of Notre Dame Law School graduate. \”Thankfully, most people were familiar with my work and my record.\”

It is Worthy\’s solid conviction record that continues to fuel rumors that she is on the short list for a judicial appointment. The appointment, she says, would be welcome. \”I would like to become a Recorder\’s Court judge,\” she declares, noting that the post would primarily involve adjudicating criminal felony cases.

For now, Worthy is content to continue her courtroom battles and her work to encourage young people to consider a law career.

\”A lot of kids have come up to me since the trial and have said they want to become prosecutors,\” Worthy says. \”I think they realize that what I do is within their reach as opposed to becoming an entertainer or professional athlete.\”

Malice Green Beating Death Trials: 1993-2000

I was in the bathroom looking in the mirror when Kym Worthy walked in, looked at the back of her pants and was about to walk out. I am a person who observe everything, so I looked at her and said Oh my goodness. Ms. Kym Worthy. She looked at me and smiled, then she reached her hand out to shake mines, I was really happy to see her. I just started running off at the mouth in telling her how my daughter is in her last year in college, and that she will be going to Law School next year. I told her that my daughter loves her and admires her so much its crazy. I told her that my daughter wanted to work for her when she is done with school. As soon as I finished talking, it hit me. It hit me…..

I realized that she doesn\’t even know me. I realized that she never knew I exist, and never knew that God had even made me. I realized that my face was not a familiar one to her. I realized that all that late night talk my daughter does with me about working in this woman\’s office, she has no clue. I realized that what I was saying, she has heard many many many many times over again, same words, different people. I realized that in her mind, I\’m just like the rest of the people who approach her with their different stories on how she has moved them in one way or another. I realized that she gave me the same stranger look, the one babies give me as I talk, smile, and laugh with them while their mothers swipe their credit cards. I realized that its okay. It really is okay.

The fact is I admire her honest and truthfulness. I adm
ire the fact that she stands for the truth in everything. She is a woman of Integrity. She doesn\’t care what side of the Law you are on, in her mind………….right is right wrong is wrong. When she was running for a seat as a Judge I VOTED FOR HER. And when she became the first BLACK WOMAN Wayne County Prosecutor I VOTED for her. Ever since I watched her on court TV every every, every every every day, she became my gurl, and I just admire her court room style and her facial/ body language sarcasm. You can imagine as I\’m talking to her, all these thoughts and images are running through my mind. When I only needed to say……… WELL DONE MS KYM WORTHY!!!

After I left the restroom. It was time for me to punch out , go get my nails done and see my gurl Anita Baker in concert at DTE!!! I saw Kym again, this time I said Lord don\’t let this woman think I\’m following her. LOL As I\’m walking down the aisle my coworker blocked me off and said: Is that Kym Worthy? I said YESSSSSSSSSSS with a excited voice. She told me that she had been asking her some questions about some plastic totes. Then she said: Is she mean? I said no. She is only looking for answers when she ask a question. She\’s straight to the point, and she knows the right questions she needs to ask to get her business taken care of. AND I LOVE THAT ABOUT HER. WHY?????????? CAUSE I\’M JUST LIKE THAT!!! LOL SPIRITS CONNECT!!! After talking with her, I left the store went to my car and called Neisha who is in Cincinnati Ohio visiting her dad\’s family. I sat in the car and said NEISHA, NEISHA YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE WHO IS IN WALMART? SHE SAID WHO MOMMA ANITA BAKER? I SAID NOPE NOT THIS TIME? SHE SAID WHO? I SAID KYM WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORTHY!!!!!!! . LOL She said no momma you for real? Momma you for real? I said Neisha YESSSSSS, SHE\’S STILL IN THE STORE, I JUST PUNCHED OUT FOR THE DAY. I sajd boo I wish you were here with me. She wants to meet Kym so badly. I did ask her for her email address so that Neisha can email her and keep in contact. I told Neisha about it and she was so happy that I did that. I was nervous, but in my mind its do or die. I really hope Neisha gets to meet her one day, because she admire her so very dearly. WOW, Im really happy about that.

Today is Gerald Levert\’s Birthday. He would have been turning 42. He died so young. I will never forget my #1 male singer in the world. Goodness I miss him dearly.

I have all the Anita Baker Concert Goodies and photos tomorrow!!!

Love ya



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