My Ah ha Moment!

Praise God for another year!!! Its 2009 and its the year of helping and giving!!! My year has already started off with a bang, and Im quite excited about it. I talk to God a lot and Im amazed at how he sets me up sometimes. When I share my testimony, some of you will be so blessed. There is no telling how many people are going through the same thing. I realized that I am not alone. Its a good one too. We\’ll talk later about that.

So many of my friends are laid off from work, or either their jobs have been shut down for good. And its so sad, because people have been stealing from the store and been penny pitching, its sad. For those who have been wondering on this earth to and fro, those days have come to catch up with them. I know times are hard, but you can\’t just lay down on the living room floor and die. Youve got to keep on pushing and praying. Its impossible to live in this world * Happy* and not know God. That stuff is gonna catch up. Weve got to Praise him IN AND OUT OF SEASON.

Speaking of work………. My line was long and off the chain today. They\’ve been cutting hours and we only had 3 cashiers. I was finishing up this one customer, when this asian lady behind her was coughing. I mean she was coughing and not once did she cover her mouth. Im saying to my self, no she didnt just cough and didnt cover her mouth, she had to be at least my age *41*. I continued ringing up the customer in front of her, and all of a sudden she started coughing again, this time it was coming towards me. I jumped back * sarcastly* and said MAAM YOU GOTTA COVER YOUR MOUTH I can\’t catch another cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before I knew it. I didnt mean to be that loud, but it made me ANGRY!!! You can tell that she does it all the time, and she wouldnt stop. Yall know what she had the nerve to say? I DONT HAVE A COLD I HAVE BRONCITIS. I looked at her as to say I don\’t care of you coughing $100 bills, and Christmas Wrapped Gifts. COVER YOUR DANGOLE MOUTH!! Now its her turn, and she knows Im pissed, the customers are in awe like NO SHE AINT COUGHING ON THIS CASHIER!!!! And the bad part about it is, she was CLUELESS. So as she was using her debt card, she coughs again, without covering her mouth. I had to stop and say Jesus PLEASE HELP ME. I was so glad she was gone!!! I know sometimes coughing catches us off guard sometimes, and thats okay, but people we have got to be conscience of rudness. Like being on the phone at the register, cutting in line when we don\’t look back to see if anyone is behind us, talking about folks, of others feelings. Let 2009 be the year where we are more conscience of what we say and what we do.

I was home intime today to watch Oprah. I love her so much. She was talking about her weight and how she realized that she nbeed to Love herself more. Well, of course she loves herself, but I got what she was saying. And so I started thinking about me and my weight and how I battle with it for so many years. I do love other peopleso much andcar so much about them and their well being, but I NEGLECT MY SELF SO MUCH. I feed my body any ole kinda thing. I eat a lot of fast food, Im not a junk food eater, but I love to eat big ole nice dinners. I over eat everyday. So today I asked myself, if you love yourself starting now treat yourself like you love YOU. I realize that I treat others like I want to be treated, but I dont treat myself like I treat others. Aint that deep? That was my Ah ha moment!!!

Tyler Perry is going to be on front of the new Essence magazine!! My baby!!! Oo yall I love me some TP. I can\’t wait to read what he\’s been up too. He has a new sitcom coming out this Wednesday on TBS called Meet the Browns. I\’ll be watching Tyler.

Check yall lata!


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