CoCo Cure……


I’m on a roll blogging 3 days in a row. Yea for Cree. ♥

So much stuff be going thru my mind. Sometimes I try to do too much, and my mind gets to thinking and God always told me to keep a pen and paper in handy at all times. And still I don’t. Thats bad. I have a lot of good ideas, and lots of thoughts. I’ll get it soon. I was going to post something for this post tonight and I forgot what it was. ♦ 😦

My Church Second Ebenezer is having this ~~~> brownbag















I missed Church on Sunday and I know Bishop was talking about it. Dang, and I gotta work until 7pm. My Church is huge and to get a good seat you have to be there early. Doors open @ 6. I wonder did Bishop Paul Morton put him on with Tyler. Because when he was here in April for our Breakthrough Services. OMGOODNESS, he talked about Tyler for about 15 minutes after he preached the word. He told us how Tyler helped him to rebuild his Church in Atlanta. And how he loves Tyler so much he calls him his son. He went on and on and on, and I was so geeked watching him talk about Tyler like this. I was watching my Pastor and he was so excited about what God had done thru Tyler. My Bishop and Tyler’s Bishop are very very very close. All that time I was loving Bishop Morton and wanted to see him in person * did for 3 years straight* I never knew that they were that close. He always come to our Breakthrough Services.  I shoo hate that I wont be able to make it, I love my gurl small Fire she is so funny. I use to watch her on BET all the time.

I’m teaching my gurls * Raisingurls* to always make sure that you are on your best behaviour at all times. Make sure that you set good examples, be a Leader and be consciences of what you do. People watch you, people notice you, people listen to every word you say. Even if you don’t think that it means anything, it does to the next person. Not long ago, my boss told me to close down my lane and do something. My last customer was my coworker who was paying for her groceries. My light was off when this white man walked up to my register . I told him that I was closed, he caught my off guard when he said in a aggressive tone, I only have one thing, can you ring me up!!! I turned around and looked at him saying, Sir, I’m closed my light is off. Now I would have taken him, but he had an attitude and I didn’t want to deal with him. How you gon get an attitude just because someone tell you they’re closed? Closed means closed!! I’m always the person who will say…..okay Ill take you anyway. But when you have an attitude…….I won’t get one with you, I’ll just find ways not to deal with you that’s all. So anyway, he storms off like a lil asskid. At this point he was mumbling something as he stood in another line. I never looked at the man again. About 30 minutes later…….I’m sorting items and both my assistant managers come corner me off, with this lil smile on their faces. So, my heart gets ta beating like danggggg what I dun done now. LOL  And the way they asked their first question was so *Next 48 hourish*. lol  One asked…….did you just have an customer who was mad at you? I stood there thinking…..naw, why you say that?  Not that I know of. So then the other one spoke and said Lacrease, we know you, but still we have to ask you this question. Did you just curse out a man who got mad at you because he was mad that you wouldn’t take him. I said noooooooo, I told that man I was closed and he asked me would I take him anyway, and I didn’t because my boss, told me to do something and I was already still waiting on my last customer. He told my managers that I called him all types of B******, and that I was cursing him out going off on him. My mouth was wide open. They said Lacrease I know this is totally out of Character, but we still have to ask you questions. I couldn’t believe that this man told them that. He made it seem as if we were engaged in a heat argument and I cursed him out. My thing is this. Why would I be the one cursing HIM out, that fool was mad at me…….. I WASN’T MAD AT HIM……. ROFL!! These are my hands, he needed them to ring his order up. Why would I go off on him? LOL See what I gotta deal with daily?

So then……………………….

The following week. My coworker * white gurl* was working on toys and was pulling the pallet jack. She has to be very careful when working in the day time with customers in the store. Anyway…..she was pushing the jack, when this guy popped out of no where, talking about she ran over his foot, my wife could have been hurt too, calling her all kinds of B@##$$ and H@%%. saying they were going to get her after work. So scared and fearful of a fight in the store, someone called for a manager, he comes out and guess who he sees………. yep, the guy who said I called him. all these curse words.  My manager was standing there listening to the guys story saying he was going to do this, and that,  to my coworker. He threatened to  sue the store, and all this mess. My boss realizes that he’s the same guy who told HIMMMMMMMMMMM that  I was calling him names. They made both him and his wife leave the store!!!  ROFL. Nothing but a team of Drama. The next day, when they told me about that, I was out done. This man wanted US fired. He was the one causing all the trouble. My point to Raisingurls is  when you have a reputation of doing good and being right, when something like this happens, you will have favor because people around you know that you are not this kind of person. Just think what if I had a history of cursing people out, my managers probably wouldn’t have believed me, this man is out to get anyone fired. We laughed about that NOW but it could have cost 2 jobs.

I wish that Tyler would get together with Maxwell to do a song for his new movie Why Did I get Married Too. He is the perfect person for a project like that. Whew, I would love it. Gearld Levert and Anita Baker both had songs in Tyler’s movies. 


This guy…….well I don’t want to say his name. He’s very tall, dark, thick and so handsome found me on line. When he would come to my job and come near me, I just get these chills. Something happened and I was kinda happy it did because it freed me from being in his presense with this desire that was killing me. Now he’s back and I so afraid to see him. I knooooooooooow his scent, his eyes, his lips, his thickness, his spirit is going to take ova me. Now so much sexually………..never that…until Im married. But the thoughts that goes througg my head, Im not ready to deal with. But at the same time, I need that excitment to arise in me just for that temporary * high*. Again… its not sexual. its the fact that someone around you can make you feel this way without even a touch. Wow its deep and mind blowing. Yall aint ready for the Love Im talking bout…..

Good Night




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