Really Random Thoughts……


Just wanted to check in and say heyyy. I got off work today and took me a nap. I bumped my WOW Gospel CD all the way to work,  got there and my joy left  for a coupla hours. How could you have a good life at home, go to work for a few hours and so much mess come at you? I mean for real doe? 

I keep thinking about moving to ATL, it is starting to be a everyday thought. Going to a Birthday Party Dinner this weekend, can’t wait for that one, she’s my Tyler Perry friend someone who understand that you don’t lose yourself in a celeb just because you love and admire them. She understands that, and that’s why she’s my Tyler Perry gurl. * rolling my eyes laughing* Raisingurls meeting this Sunday. Neisha is going to Ohio ohhhhhh what Imma do with her helping me with the gurls, she’s my right hand.  Im the Mistress of Ceremony for our Anita Baker Club for the concert July 31. I received a copy of my program. A little nervous…but hey its all for my gurl. Today I read a little of this book I bought called Just Like Jesus …… its very powerful. I like to read a handful and sit there and visualize it. Ahhhhhhh. Tyler Perry I think is doing too much. Making movies and his 2 sitcoms. I love them both, but I think he needs to slow down and pay close attention to what he’s writing. Some of it is not real and for a strong person to come on  *Tasha Smith* someone has to be weak, and its Sasha AKA Trina, and I hate how weak she looks to Tasha Smith. I think he needs to really really regroup that whole story line. The momma should have came in later when they were doing fine and dandy, not now when everyone is trying to get to know each other. I’m glad he’s focusing on the kids more. I LOVE THAT! ♥♥ Im about to go think a little bit, talk to you all tomorrow.



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