Bad Habits


Lord Thank you for waking me up this morning. I was really tired and slept in until my phone rang about 1ish. I kept waking up because I wondered for Neisha bought my Madea Goes To Jail DVD in Ohio. She told me that she wanted to bring me home a gift, and not to go out and buy it. Well, yall know the Virgo in me wanted a back up…… But she finally called me and said *Ma, I got your DVD*!! I was like YES!!! I can wait till she comes home tomorrow. I haven’t seen my baby in 5 days. Whew….when you’re close to your kids you really miss them when they are gone. That’s what I tell me daddy all the time. I said when you had all your family members home when we were younger, you never was there until night time. He would get off work and go sit at my aunts house, then come home late. No one is mad about that…so now since he and my mom are no longer together, and he lives alone, he always says…..we should visit him more often instead of calling. No matter what we do, its never enough for him. Bless his heart. But you know what? I think he’s finally getting it. For example. My dad has money to pay a housekeeper, instead of him using that money for this person, he wants all of us *4* of his children— to come ova and do it for him. This housekeeper is paid through another source, not even out of his pocket, he feel that he should * and he does* split the money with the lady while she does nothing. So, I told him not to long ago, dad, you have someone paying for your housekeeper, you know all your kids work, why won’t you just do it the right way? He said cause he wants some of the money himself * blank stare*. So, I said you know what boo? I ain’t mad at you, but I won’t  be the only cleaning anymore. Now he has someone to do it. He finally got it. Whew!!

100_2206 - Copy

Be back tomorrow!


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