Im rambling tonight. So follow me. There is no telling where I’m going with this, if you’re familiar with my postings you know I do this very often. So much run through my head, and here is where it’s emptied. Ready? Lets go people!

Today Neisha went to 36 District Court to be with her mentor!!! This was her first time * besides going to jury duty*. She wants to be a Prosecutorfor the State of Michigan. She got a first hand look at what goes on in preparations for a court preceding case. She sat with her mentor for 2 cases, then they went to her office and Neisha helped her with transcripts, filing, and stuff like that. My baby *oops my 22 year old daughter* was so happy when she came home today. She went to court about 8:30 am and didn’t get home till after 5 pm. Her dad is best friends with her mentor’s brother and he hooked up the meet for Neisha. They had met before, but this time she invited Neisha to stay with her all day. I cant personally thank her enough for doing this for Neisha. Now , she wants Neisha to come anyyyyytime she’s free from school. Wow, wow, wow!! She has 3 more classes to take in the fall, then she’ll have to wait a whole semester to Graduate with her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and she’ll be going to LAW SCHOOL. OHHHH LAWD, What proud parents Marto and I are going to be.

Why are people * including myself* with this post * UGH* giving attention to Bill O Rilley for still talking about Michael Jackson? Why? And the bad part about it is, if he can get the attention of Black people to argue his case with, he will continue. That’s why he won’t hold a conversation about this with a person* white* who feels the same way. Cause it won’t get that effect he needs. Michael is no longer here, why? Just why? And you know what, I’mnot going to spend anymore time trying to figure out why people won’t let this man rest. Aintnone of those doe doe birds got a hell or heaven to sendhim too. But  what is going to happen is they are going to find themselvessome kind of issue that wont let them rest, and its going to be a burden for him andhis family. What goes aroundcomes around……….and for Bill its coming………. oh baby ……..its coming……and its going to be PUBLIC. I said it first right here in this blog entry.

I cried like a baby watching the funeral of Michael Jackson. He was my first Celebrity boyfriend, then came Prince for my teenage years.♥ What broke me really down was Usher first, then MJ daughter Paris. And the way Janet grabbed her, OMG I lost it. My eyes were so red and so puffy, so LITTLE. I didn’t think I could drive yesterday. I COUDLNT SEE. LOL Oh Jesus, what a celebration it was for him. He would have been so happy and honored. Michael went through a lot of drama with the media. They were mad because he IS the King of Pop and he was private. When people dont know about you, they start rumors. They have just got have something on you. Why? And the part that gets me is…… I don’t come from a family of drama. So much I’m learning about people and disloyalty is really killing me. I’m 41 years old and all this gossip and fakeness thats going on, I PROMISE I MUSTA BEEN BLIND, cause my eyes are open to all of it all of a sudden. I DISS  AND CUT PEOPLE OFF FOR FAKENESS AND GOSSIP!!! I don’t care about friends  AT this point in my life, I care about Peace. I want to spend the rest of my life * thats left* drama free!!!! Then I read that * The family is under fire* for letting Paris speak at her dads funeral. WTH??? Michael-Jackson-memorial-068parisFirst of all UNDER FIRE OF/FROM/WHO? Why do these people think they are God just because they opened their mouth and spoke? These are Michael’s kids and they have the right to say what they want to say at his Memorial. When they are older and look back on this day Paris is going to be happy that she made her speech. I think they making a big deal out of it is because what she said OVER POWERS any thing negative about their dad, and to set fire to the speech, they want to say its not in the best interest. SMH WOW. UN DANG BELIEVABLE! See, that’s why I LOVE GOD. I LOVE HIM. I’M  so happy that he’s my friend, my daddy. I’m so happy that I hear from him. These people *down* here are something else. I know I’m something else too in his eyes, but baby these finger pointing people with their NON AUTHORITY SELVES CRACKS ME UP! That’s kinda why I’m glad I didn’t know Michael Jackson personally.  Tyler Perry cause he catches it too……..boy does he catches it. Cause see Ill call a press conference and curse out the press  from A-Z. …. NON STOP!!! Ill talk to God about it LATA BABY LOL. I know I’d be wrong as 2 left shoes, but don’t talk about my love ones. And if you read this post, you’ll probably think I care, to the point where it would bring me down. The thing is I don’t!!! But all I want to do is say my peace and I don’t have to respond anymore. I have a way of saying stuff and anything you say after that, you would feel so stupid. Cause once I say what I have to say……….that’s it, blank stare afterwards. When I use to read mean post about Tyler Perry I would go off on the poster so bad, they would write me back and I would let them have it * no cursing tho*. I was getting a little crazy with it. I just hate gossip andcant stand for people to post/say stuff thats not true, especially if they don’t know and havent spent time with these people. Now I have more self control * lol* then what I had before. I sorta laugh now. God has a lot of helping me out in that area. Im telling you if I was born when Jesus was killed, they probaly would have chopped my head off and bent my mouth up cause I would have went crazy. lol Doing my boo like that!!! And see I wouldnteven understand why he had to die, all I would know is my Jesus was hung.  Everybody wants to be a plant manager and supervisor, and as soon as the ISH jump off they want to show you  THEIR managers. GET OUTTA MY FACE!! UGH 

 Ok on to the way I live my life! I’m getting ready for my 2nd Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving and taking it to the Streets drive!! This is something that Ive always wanted to do….. feed the homeless. I hate when people are hungry, need money to pay bills, get thrown out of their homes, I break down just knowing people go through these types of things. Last year when I introduced this drive to my family, friends and co workers, they jumped right on it. I had my list of needs filled up by people signing on to help that it was done in 2 hours!!! I didn’t get a chance to ask everybody did they want to help.  LOL People were adding their names to more than one item. I was so over joyed. People were coming up to me asking why didn’t I ask them? LOL I said I’m soooooooooory, but people signed on faster than I thought. So this year people were like Lacrease, I want to be apart of this , please make it bigger. Wow aint that a blessing? This year I want Turkey/ or Chicken and Dressing, corn on the cob, string beans, macaroni and cheese, fried Chicken, corn bread or rolls. And for drinks, they will each get water, pop, and juice. For desert I want them to have brownies, cake, and cookies. Last time we feed about 15 people, this time I want to feed about 50. That’s my goal and as time go on and on, I want to feed 100 and then 200 and then 400 and then more!!! This time Im going to have some of my Raisingurls to go out with us to take it to the streets. I took photos and have footage of last years drive.

I need to lose weight! My daughter will be graduating from Wayne State next year and I want to be pretty when she does. I can’t have this ~~> webcamphoto Face is huge. LOL Im, not dissing myself like that………..but put it this way…… I need to lose weight. Soooooo me and my Sister are going walking tomorrow. Imma strap on my ipod and walk my butt off. I love to walk but all that otha stuff * jumping jacks* have a sista out of breath. LOL

I love to drive I’m seriously thinking about driving for someone personally. I started driving when I was 32. I was always scared to drive. Till one day I said you know what? I gotta do this, I’m tired of getting rides, waiting on folks I need to learn how to do this. When I took the rode test, I was so nervous for a minute, then the lady said you drive so good, you should have been driving.  Every since then I have been throwing down. When its time to go somewhere I always drive. My friend knows I love to drive, and as soon as wed go somewhere, she’ll hand me her keys so that I can drive her van. lol She go over board tho, lol I make her drive her own van now. Well, I’m about to close for now, Im sleepy as I don’t know what. Ill be posting this week. Take care.







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