*You could’ve gave me that bike*

Hey Family!!

Ok, I’m not going to tell yall I wrote a blog entry out last night and it got deleted by my computer shutting off by itself doing updates……. I’m like WTH! After I got over my shock I went to bed. lol So here I am tonight blogging again knowing full well its waaaay past my bedtime. For some reason the older I get the less sleep I need.Im already known for getting power naps in, but now I don’t need much sleep.

 My coworker is moving to Georgia July 1. She went with her boyfriend for a interview, then they found a place to live. She says the place is very very nice. I’m so happy for her because this is the place that Ive been wanting to live for the longest. Its coming through, I’m already saving!!!

Today was a good day at work. In so glad God is working on me about my sarcasm, and the thoughts that goes on through my mind. He takes so good care of me. I don’t have to borrow from anyone, I don’t have to worry about getting back and forth to work or any place else. I do enjoy helping others. Thats my light right there. I love it. God is good to me and so I love to give to others and help them. Especially the young ladies at work. When they need me Im there, I can always tell when they are going through and may need something. They don’t want to tell me but God tells me. I found out that when you head is not so foggy you can really hear from God. He tells me so much stuff ahead of time its unreal to me sometimes, as if to say why you always tell me stuff God? But I loooooooooove it!! Today this lady and her daughter came through my line. The mother was about 40ish and her daughter about 20ish. When I looked up at them they were next in line, but I had’nt gotten to them yet. The daughter had this strange look on her face, as if she was sizing me up. I didn’t give eye contact yet, because I know when I do, I’m going to be in straight up * Reading Mode*. Once I throw that eye contact on you, its ova, I can read your mind if youre on some slick shhhh!!!! Its their turn and my eye contact jams up the daughter first cause she was looking at me hard, then I looked over and greeted the mother. I knew something was up because God told me. I still didnt know what it was yet. So the mother * talking over the nervous daughter* says…… the man/lady *forgot who she said* got the bike down that’s in the cart because this bike here * the one she was walking* doesn’t have a price on it. So me, knowing full well that story didn’t sound right. I got the wireless scanner and hot tailed my hips and thighs over to where they were standing and said * why did they do that, the price to the bike * the one in the cart* has this tagged on it * she didn’t know it*. So I scanned it and it said $59.99, but the one she wanted to wheel outta there was $80.00. I said MAAM,  these bikes are different, they are different prices, WHICH ONE YOU WANT? She says with this stupid look on her face……..they aint the same one. I said um um giving mad eye contact to her. She said well I want the cheapest one. Which was the one in the cart. Guess she wanted the expensive Bratz Bike, but she call herself asking me to scan the other one for the cheaper price. I called my CSM over to my register and told her to wheel this bike OUTTA HERE! You know what the lady said to me as her daughter was paying? YOU COULDA GAVE ME THAT BIKE! I said you didn’t want that bike you wanted the one you bought. She started smiling like Heffa you know what I meant by that. LOL. I said I’m not losing my job, so you can go to yours in the morning!!! She wasn’t mad, but she did say about 4 times you could have gave me that bike. And I said about 4 times, if you wanted that bike you would have bought it. Tryna play me and get me to scan the wrong bike. And she’s so dumb, those bikes has slot numbers 🙂 she didnt know that they were right there and had different slot numbers on them. She knew she was wrong that’s why she kept staring. LOL People are a trip. Very funny.

Tyler Perry sent out a heartfelt email today. Ahhh it was so heart warming. He talked about his german shepard, my favorite dog. We had 2 dogs in our life growing up and both were german shepards, they lived to be soooooooooooooooooooo old. I never fully got over the death of our dog BUTCHWALKER, yep he had our name. That was the smartest dog in the world. He would sit on the couch with his behind and have his arms on the floor. We would pretend we didnt see him so that he could do it longer, we would say hey yall……. ..look at b-u-t-c-h spelling his name out. We would kinda look at him from the corner of our eyes and crack up laughing at him. He would be waiting for one of us to give him direct eye contact so he could stop. LOL He was soooooooooo funny. Reading Tyler’s message bought back a lot of memories. My sister’s dog name is Foo Foo. I looooooooove that little gurl. OOOOOO weeeeee I love her. Talk about personality. Nobody dog has nothing on this gurl. I call her my niece and she’s a minature doberman. She thinks she is all that too. She thinks she can chase cats and they not fight her. She sleeps on the bed with my niece sometimes, and she gets mad when my niece best friend comes over to spend the night. Foo foo loves heat and she loves to be UNDER the covers. My sister said she peeped in the room the other day to check on my niece and her bestfriend who had come to spend the night. Foo Foo was laying next to my niece with the cover up to her ears, laying on her side STRECHED OUT, while my niece bestfriend lays at the foot of the bed with NO COVER ON!!!! ROFLLLLLL And the part thats so funny is, in the middle of the night when you have to use the bathroom, foo foo will get up out of the bed, follow you to the bathroom door * she never goes in* but when its time to lay back down, she dont want to lay in that same spot she was in, she wants to lay in the spot that you were in. Then she will GRRR when you tell her to move over thats your spot. OOOOOOOO it’s so funny!! She got a nerve to get mad. When you go over to her house, you have to greet her FIRST. You cant just walk in give out kisses and hugs to PEOPLE, without saying her name and acknowledging her. She will jump and jump and jump up until you give her hugs and kisses. She is so jealous. And dont let me leave her house. As soon as I open my car door, she will run out of no where and hop in the back. And when you say no Foo foo you can’t go she will pull out her claws and pull away from you. She’ll get on the floor in the back of the car and make you work hard to get her out. She is soooooooooo funny!! LOL



















I’m happy Tyler is loving his dog. Dogs are very  protective and they really love their owners. The hard part is, they have to die and growing up I never thought of BUTCHWALKER dying and getting to be old. Neisha says this is why I never got her a dog growing up. Wow.


 Good night. Im so sleep plus its late.

Be Blessed!!!

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