Michael Jackson again………..


 I was thinking tonight about Michael Jackson. So many thoughts went through my head about him. How people can be so mean and so cruel. Its so unreal how people won’t let up on others, but they are the same ones who can’t take what they dish out. I just feel like crying. Can you just imagine waking up daily and seeing your name all over the Internet, and on the front cover of TABLOIDS? These people who AMEN and write these mean articles are gonna have to see GOD, and its not going to be NOTHING NICE. I don’t feel bad or sorry for them, that’s what they’re going to get. Even to his death they are still calling him Jacko. I get so upset, I have to think about flowers and nice pretty things to calm me down. I cant do anything about it, I cant stand at the highest building and curse them out. All I can get out of it is, to learn that I can’t control people. That’s real hard when you want to break these people off a real asswhopping! Then you have these bootleg ass people on EBAY selling tickets to the Memorial that got them for free, for $15,000. To me this is the same as those in the days of Moses. People are so greedy for a dayum dolla!! Thats why I hate money, you cant get me to run upstairs and bring down a pair of pants for money. I do things because  I FEEL LIKE DOING THEM. There are people who want to see Michael and here these doe doe birds on line selling them. What a shrine!!!

Im lost in thought right now……….be back later. Don’t forget to get MAXWELL’S new CD tomorrow. BLACK summers night


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