Lacrease’s Life Lessons!

Hey Hey!

Guess what? I’m back to work tomorrow! Goodness I didn’t want this mini vacation to end. I promise I want to call in tomorrow, but you know I’m on a personal mission and I’m about to save some money. I was telling my Sister in the hotel a few days ago, that I try not to complain I just do the dayum thang.  I don’t want to do many things, and  go out of my way, but I found that if you JUST DO IT, and not focus on how much you don’t want to do it……its so much easier.

We had to cancel the trip to Cedarpoint this year. Its all good tho. So on Sept 12, we are all going to the movies to see Tyler Perry’s I can do bad all by myself, then to dinner to discuss. I’m excited about that. In the last meeting I told them and they were excited about that. Since we have money left over from Cedarpointe, I’m going to pay for the tickets to get in from that account and  all they will need is popcorn/snack money. Who doesn’t love Madea? 🙂 So, when I go back to work tomorrow I’m going to request that day off.

I was on Twitter yesterday when Gayle King posted a interview she did with Tyler about the Philly 65. They had me laughing…Tyler did anyway. Ill get back to that. But I am so proud of Tyler for stepping up and sending those kids to Disney World. See that’s why I love and admire Tyler. Sending them to Disney will be something they will never forget, and I LOVED how he quizzed them about the black and white issue. He raised a question to them that is very very very important. Because they need to know that  this is something that happened but NOT to hold it against ALL WHITE PEOPLE. He let them know that it was a PERSONS JUDGEMENT, not a race judgement, AND that needed to be perfectly clear to those children. And the best part about it is, THEY HEARD IT OUT OF TYLER’S MOUTH. What ever they heard, or believed about the incident, Tyler was the last person to get to them. And I love it!!! I cried when I read his one line blog on his message board. Because this is my area……….children. They are my life!!! If I didn’t have to work and had it like that……. all my time would go to them. I know I have only a High School degree, but what God has given me about Raisingurls and raising children period, can’t be bought or sold. Its God given inside of me. Its so deep, and so serious, and soooooooooo spiritual. The things that he tells me ahead of time blows my mind. The only issue I’m having with this is, that I get overwhelmed when it happens. Sometimes my flesh takes over and I get emotional and TOO ATTACHED TO THE SITUATION. I’m going to give 4 examples.

  1. God can say to me……La’Crease when you get to work tomorrow, you’ll be called to the office and they will tell you the new rules since you’vee been on vacation. He’ll say don’t get all excited and loud * my voice carries* at what you are hearing, JUST LISTEN. lol Now, I’ll go to work, get called to the office, hear what they have to say, and yep, before I know it, I’m getting loud in my thoughts or opinions about it. Not disrespectful * No way*. And then a BELL WILL GO OFF IN MY HEAD that God already told me this the day before. And I’ll just laugh!!! Sometimes I’ll be tripping on my self  for the way things turn out for me.
  2. Just this weekend, I bought my niece * 18* and my daughter tickets to see Anita Baker at the last minute, so that they could go with me and my sister from the hotel we rented near the venue. Well God TOLD ME to ask my niece first if she wanted to go before I bought the tickets. But MEEEEE saying to myself No God, she’ll want to go. I’m paying for her, she doesn’t have to worry about anything. I called her and told her but her voice sound funny, didn’t pay it any mind. This past Friday we checked into out hotels and went to our rooms. While we were about to get dressed, she said auntie…… I said huh? She said would you be mad if I didn’t want to go to the concert? I said WHYYYYYYYYYY you don’t want to go we are going to have some fun. She said I love Anita Baker I’m just tired. So I convinced her to go, but the point I’m making is…….. God always tells me things ahead of time. Had I listened….. I wouldn’t have to beg her to go. I smile , these are just lessons.
  3. God can say to me Lacrease…….. this customer that’s coming up this person is going to need a lot of patience’s deal with this person with extra care. When he says stuff like that. I always have to give eye contact to this person * dunno why lol* and no sooner than I do, here comes to part where I  AM SURELY TESTED! The hard part is KNOWING already that this person needs that extra patience, but why do they seem to drag it on and on and on and on and on and on and on? lol They have NO CLUE that God already told me a head of time. Imma be honest a lot of times I fall short. But the beauty of this is, I’m hearing from God more and more and so I’m doing so much better in listening and following him.
  4. My nephew * 18 years old* went to jail a few days ago for expired plates. His gurlfriend ripped up his license in an argument and so when they stopped him he didn’t have them, plus driving with no insurance. Now peep this. God already told ME that he was going to end up in jail, for one he thinks he can talk anybody out of anything. He loves to run the streets, and he has toooooo many friends and he doesn’t know from one day to the next what kinda trouble they are in WITH OTHER PEOPLE. I told him that if they see him and want to kill them, guess whose gonna get it too? Yep……. YOU HOMEBOY! So every time he comes over, I preach, teach, talk and walk his ears off with God, Knowledge and Wisdom. I will get my nieces, nephews , my daughter, AND THEIR FRIENDS on my couch, feed them snacks and walk to them till they are BLUE IN THE FACE!!! LOL They already know me. Anyway… when God told me that he was going to be end and out of jail, I figure the more I talk to him, it would keep him out. Today I was riding on the freeway I thought about him being locked up, and just started thinking deep and getting upset about it. There is no reason why he should be there. He wants to do what he wants to do, and think that there are no consequences behind his actions. God said OK LACREASE * I love the way he says my name* you think about this for a few more seconds…………. and then SHUT IT OUT OF YOUR MIN D!!! LOL This was today. I said okay Lord. DONE DEAL!! I thought about it for a few more seconds and then I let it go! God said LaCrease I had you to talk to him all the times you did not so that you can STOP AND PREVENT HIM FROM GOING TO JAIL, but so that when he’s really ready to LISTEN AND FOLLOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING, he will already have it in his MEMORY. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  GOD, DADDY, LORD DON’T YOU JUST LOVE HIM!!!! I got that instantly. I was feeling good at that point. All I could do is give it up. So I can’t worry about my nephewm yes I will pray for him that goes without saying, but not worry. I know that God is doing something through him. And get this. He is 18 years old, and he hears from God!!!! The stories he tells us, OMG it amazes me how close this young boy who loooooooves to run the streets is with God. Amazing!

I remember a long time ago I was standing in my kitchen washing dishes and I said God I want A BEST FRIEND and he saod loud and clear. …… I am your best friend. I said NOOOOOOO not like that, I want somebody “down here”. LOL And the devil from hell appeared in my life and thats what I called my BF until I came to my senses. lol Now I understand why my circle is so small now. My personality doesnt calls for me to be around everyone, and sitting on everybody’s couch, riding in everybody’s car, drinking in everybody’s bar. God has me on another street, and @ 41 I fianally understand that. I GET IT! I thought that Im so friendly and *nice* that Im suppose to be cool with everyone. With each person who comes into my life, Im there for a reason and a season, not to make friends, and not to be there long. To minister, and to keep it moving. I have 2 good friends and one  met a year ago in ATL, and one Ive been knowing for 19 years. Everyday Im learning something.

I was suppose to write about Tyler Perry tonight, but Im sleepy and have to go to work @ 8am. Sorry Tyler 🙂





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