CAN’T please everyone!

Growing up, I always wanted to please my daddy. Seem like nothing I did would please him. I never realized that all that trying wasnt going to get me any where. Here I am 42 years old and had I knew what I know now, I would have stopped trying.

Today, I was ringing up customers when I realized that the lady who was just in my line forgot her bags. I grabbed the bag before I knew it and was almost off to find her outside when I took a look at my line and realized that it was *just as* long as a football field. No doubt about it I WAS going to find this woman who left her bag. Looking at the looks on those people faces made me realize that no matter if I stayed at the register to ring them up or chase down the woman who left her bag, somebody is going to be happy, and somebody is going to be annoyed. I realized at that point today that if you do good, there are people who are going to feel that you are wrong, if you do bad, there are some people who are going to feel that its justified. You have to be your own person, NOT connected to anyone. You have to be true to yourself and do whats right according to whats in your heart. I chose to leave all those people, in order to find this woman who was going to leave her bad and need it later. When I came back of course there where some faces of stone, but guess what? I was true to what was right. I didnt let none of those people bother me, and they didnt. Deep down inside those people knew that I did the right thing even though they were ready to get rung up and go home. Had that been them who left their bags they would have wanted me to hunt then down and  turn over their bags. Why did they act funny in the first place? I cant worry myself with that, as a Leader, I have to continue to set the pace and the atmosphere for others to do whats right.

Today is black woman with her husband came through my line and she asked me whats the policy on breastfeeding? I said why….. whats wrong? She said I was breastfeeding and the lady told me that I couldnt do it. So, Im like what? Who told you that? She said the lady that works here. Something about * the lady that works here wasnt right to me. So you know the VIRGO in me, started asking her a few more questions. The first thing I asked her was, where was she when she was breast feeding her child? She said in the dressing room. 2009-09-15 00-42-45.511I looked at her with this blank look on my face, and said, you have to do the bathroom to breastfeed, there’s even a bench you can sit on just outside the rest room. She looked at me as if she didnt know this. Now Im saying to myself, common sense should tell you that both men and women are in those dressing rooms, you cant just go into the place whip out a breast and then breast feed in the FITTING ROOM come on now!!! Go someplace where you can relax get comfortable. She really didnt get that until I broke it down to her.People we can got to use more common sense.

Aiight Im sleepy people, got more stories to tell tomorrow. Good MORNING!


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