the appointed time shall come soon

2009-09-01 00-18-04.190Have you ever wanted something to happen so bad for you, and when it did happen, you didnt believe it? It’s like while it’s happening for you, you cant believe it so you sabotage it, and you say it’s not happening, you say to yourself this cant be real. But deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down inside…. you believe it.  God tells you yes…. its true Lacrease,  but still something inside of you just CANT believe it? I don’t know if  I wanted it to happen so bad that when it did  I was blind to it? No matter what the person said that rang so true it , I still couldnt allow myself to fully believe it.



Now…….. that this has come and gone from me. I know it was true 100%. I know that it was real 100%. Nothing can stop me from believing that it was true and real. Im not worried about this time coming again…….cause it will. I just wish that I *treated this differently*. I wish that I would have been a different person than I was then. Its been 3 years and how I wish, I wish, I wish. But God told me that when it comes back to me * it will* I will be a better person. So Im excited about whats to come, and the long friendship it will bring.

I won’t be sad for long, the appointed time shall come soon. Its soooooo cool knowing that the time will present itself to me again. Boy are we going to laugh!!!! LOL Im laughing now.

Be Blessed!

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