Looking out for each other

nell, neisha brittneyHey,

Last night we all got together for my Sister, Dad and brother Birthday Dinner at my sister’s house. WE had a good time. We had a ball!!! Thats the kinda fun Im use to having. What is funny to me is…… when we were growing up and our parents had company, we had to go upstairs and play, we couldnt sit among the grown-ups. AFter a while it became something that we knew to do when our parents had company. So when Neisha was growing up and my nieces, we would send them to the room too. LOL Now that they are all grown, still when we * my sisters and brother* get together, they like to branch off into their own little worlds and into other parts of the house, last night we were like YALL COME OUT THE ROOM AND PLAY THIS GAME WITH US!! ROFLLLLLL. They were like nawwww, yall go ahead we don’t wanna play. We were like YESSSSSSSSS come out and learn this new game. It was 4 of them ages 15-23. We taught them how to play this game called Wink and they had a BLAST. Thats all the talked about on Facebook this morning. LOL They had so much fun we gotta kick out of listening to them loving the game. Now they are trying to find out when the next time we are going to all hook up and play again. LOL Im happy they had a great time.

Im starting to realize that I get upset when people don’t get things. I dont know why I become so upset with people for a moment. I come right out of the anger in minutes, it’s just that I allow myself to go there. So while realizing this, I went into my mind and dug deep for the answer to WHY I am this way.

Growing up ( yes things does go back to your past) I/we were taught to always look out for each other. I was always looking out for my brother and my sisters. I am the oldest and this was mandatory that this was done. As a young gurl who seem to have ALWAYS had to do this, as we got older it was something that was instilled in us. People ask us all the time, how did yall get so close? Do yall ever argue? Yes we do. But at the end of the day, before everyone goes home, before the lights are off in the house, we always, always, always make up. Thats how we’ve always been. Now that Im grown……… I tend to want to look out for everybody. It doesnt matter in which way.The bible says we are sisters and brothers in Christ, and when I was taught to look out for people it’s still in me. I hate for people to diss someone, I hate when people make comments on others and they dont know the whole story. Im always attracted to the under dogs, because it so easy for me to hang with the * Big Dogs* because they want me with them. But the under dogs gets it bad. Im not geeked on people, money, and especially not Power with God in control. Im not controlled by any of that at all. All I want is whats fair, people to have a fair shot at everything, without the *Big Dogs* coming in and taking over. I have a voice and I will speak up. I don’t like for people to take advantage of others, lie on them, or mislead them. Guess what Im really saying is that…….. Weve got to do better in looking out for each other. WE have got to learn and realize that we are not the only people in the world. Once we grasp that, we can get along so much better and this will lead us to LOVE each other.

Be Blessed!



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