A taste of a story I wrote 12 years ago…..

Last night I was going over some of my things. And came across this story I had written over 12 years ago. I laughed. I can tell that I have really grown from the time I had written it. The only things I had to change was the cursing in it. Oooo weee there was a lot. LOL This gurl can go <~~~ pointing at myself. LOL I will share a piece of it.


Time was flying by. In March, I planned us a trip to Atlanta. Me- Martez, Na- Tony,  Gloria- Dartanion. The weather was perfect. We went to the Underground, we ( the girls) were spending a lot of money. The guys called themselves trying to diss us they just didn’t know we wanted to do our own thang too. We drove in 2 trucks, Na and Tony rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Martez and I drove his Navigator but we had luggage in Na’s truck. Gloria and Dartanion rode with us. Before they tried to leave us we made sure they checked in the keys to one of the trucks.When they got up to hang out, we did too. Martez was clowing. He goes to the truck opens up the door, and some how his foot missed the board  and slipped under the truck. I thought my stomach was going to cave in. Gloria, was screaming hollering so loud she couldn’t walk. Na, poe thang I thought my sister was going to have to be taken out in a stretcher she was laughing so hard.


 Martez went in and changed clothes. Later on that night about 9:15, they returned to the hotel, then 10 minutes later we did too.  We all planned to go out, but while they were out they came up with this little game to play. They said lets all go out tonight, the men in one truck, and yall in another. We’re going to pretend that we don’t know each other, and see who mate is more jealous. There can be no kissing, touching, or giving out real phone numbers. I was tickled to death to hear this coming from Martez, cause he knows he can be jealous. Me and Na was like Hell Yeah, let’s do this!! Gloria, told DarTanion in her meanest voice………. don’t let me have to drag none of those wig wearing heffas out of the club. Me and Na was cracking up. We all agreed!!! They put on their clothes and it was ON! We all wore dresses. They had on gator shoes, FRESH FADES, and Cologne. We all kissed, and said let the “macking begin”.


We walked in the club, we sat at one table, and they sat across at another. This guy came over to the table, and said would you like to dance? I couldn’t see his eyes because he had on shades, so I said are you talking to me? He smiled and said Yes. I said sure!!! I looked ova at Martez, and winked my eye. We danced and danced. He was whispering in my ears, spitting and ish. After 2 songs, we went  to my table, but on the way back, I looked ova at Martez and some cute gurl was in his face. Showing her all his pretty white teeth.  She was real cute too.I was jealous a little bit… aint gon lie. I looked ova at him, he knew I was looking, but it wouldn’t look my way. But I stayed in the game. After homeboy bought us a drink I dissed him. Na and Gloria got up to go to the restroom, but on the way, these 2 guys asked them to dance. They were on the floor throwing breast and behind everywhere. Tony looked like a dragon with red eyes, poor Dartanion, I wanted to pull put a broom and dust pan and sweep up his lips. I looked ova at Martez, and just as I caught his eye, I got up and asked this guy who was staring at me, to dance. Just then Martez and the cute gurl, got up to dance. I made sure I was near them on the dance floor. Me and him kept looking at each other. Just then, I reached ova and whispered to the gurl………. excuse me, but you have something red on the back of your dress. I made sure Martez read my lips. She leaned in and told Martez something, and ran to the bathroom. He smiled at me, like yeaaaaaa you got one up on me Cree, and went and sat down. I was laughing. It was dissing time. I told the guy I was dancing with, that I was tired. He asked for my number, I have him the wrong one and Thanked him for the dance. As I’m walking back to the table, I see Glo and Na Maddddddddddd. I’m saying to myself, somebody is jealous and can’t take it. I walked up to them and asked “whats wrong”? They said Look…. So, I turned around and all of them was buying these 3 boney country bunking chicks, some chicken wings, fries and drinks. Gloria, says “Oh no they aint spending our trip money on these boney witches”! I cracked up. Na  said I can’t wait until tonight when Tony ask me for some, I’m going to tell him to tell “chicken wang thang, to give you some. I knew then I had to give them a motivational talk. These gurls were getting upset. I said look yall, it’s just a game. Na, you are married, Gloria you are engaged. None of you have issues with your men cheating, just enjoy the game. It’s just fun, don’t take it seriously. I would never agree to this, if we were having issues along these lines. They agreed and remembered how truly blessed they are.


The men were at the table eating, and talking to the women having a ball. They couldn’t stop looking at us laughing in their own way. We pulled ourselves together, and left the table. I went up to the DJ booth, and asked him could we introduce ourselves because we were from Detroit. They were geeked like… yea…. sure. I grabbed the mike and said….. May I have everyone attention please? I said my name is Cree, this is Gloria, and my Sister Na. We’re from Detroit, and we need 3 nice men to show us how Atlanta do it. Dartanion , Tony, and Martez was SICK!!! All the men were dancing with us. We had the dance floor sewed up!


Martez, Tony and Dartanion, dissed those other gurls.  Next thing we knew, they got them another set. This time they were real pretty. I guess after we showed them we aint no joke, they decided to move up in the world. They danced with these chicks for a long time, by this time we were watching them dance. Tony was just a smiling in this gurls face, Martez was too. Dartanion was sweating up a storm, him and his gurl were throwing down on the floor. The ladies had on some sharp Coogie dresses too. They all were designed differently, but they wore the same color. Gloria, smiled and them grabbed one of the guys standing next to her, got on the floor and whispered to Dartanion… don’t get that Yellow heffa bust-up!!! He was smiling from ear to ear. By the look on her face, I knew she was threatening him. So, me and Na got on the floor with these guys, and I had to make sure I was near Tony, when I said I hope she don’t make him fall over her Titanic shoes. Na was hollering. Then Gloria said. “I hope hefty hips don’t put a hole in Martez side”. We were cracking up, embarrassing them on the dance floor.


After the song was over, the gurls went into the bathroom. And guess what? We did too!!! The guys were looking at us whispering, “yall can’t do that, yall cheating, yall cheating…. don’t go in their saying anything to them”. Gloria turned around,  looked at them, but kept walking saying…………. yeah WHATEVA!!!! We all went to the mirror to put on make up, when one of the ladies said “that guy Martez is fine”. I’d love to do him, his teeth are so pretty, they look like Pearls. I didn’t say a word. Saying to myself ” keep talking”. Her friend was like yeah that guy Tony own his own heating and cooling business, Ill heat that azz in the winter and cool him off in the summer. They were cracking up, high fiving each other. The last gurl said “the  cute guy in the gray and white Darsomething” he has big loot, he’s from Memphis. Gloria, made this sarcastic outburst laugh. Then she turned to the ladies and said ” are yall talking about the 3 guys that yall were dancing with? They were like yeaa, yeaa. Gloria said, this morning we went to the grocery store and we saw those same 3 guys. One was on the cash register, one was working in the Deli, and that guy Martez was packing the groceries, putting them in the customers cart. The gurl with the Titanic shoes said to the one gurl, didnt Martez tell you that he was an Engineer at Ford, in Detroit? She was like yeaaaah that lying dog!!! We were all laughing. So, Na said, they remember us, that’s why we didn’t dance with them, they aint nothing but busters.! I told the ladies, let’s all 6 of us should go out and make them buy us drinks. Everybody agreed.


We all went out walking to our table, they were looking at us like …….. we know they didn’t make friends with them. So one of the gurls called Tony over to the table, and ask him to tell his friends to come sit with us. They came like FOOLS! We told the gurls my name is Lisa, Na was Monica, and Gloria was Dominick. They all bought us drinks. They knew we were up to something, but they didnt know what. Out the blue one of the ladies said to  Dartanion, you look like this guy who work in the market down the street from me. Dartanion said Naw, I work at a plant in Detroit. I popped my lips like………. Ummm. Martez burst out and said…… Cree you being fake? I said  Excuse me……who is Cree? Tony said “londa ( Na) yall cheated we won”! So then they all kept saying, yall cheating, yall cheated. We sat there kept denying we knew them in from of the ladies, cracking up at the same time. So Martez said, ” Oh yall wanna play? Yall wanna play? Why they all went in their wallets and pulled out photos of us, and show it to the ladies. We were so embarrassed. We just got up  from the table and started walking out to the truck, laughing. The ladies got up too, walking saying them heffas lied to us, they lied, they knew them all the time. Our boos were walking behind us saying, Naw what? Naw what? Yall cheated and we won, yall jealous!!! We all laughed and jumped into our trucks and went back to the hotel. We talked about this every time we get together.


More to come tomorrow.




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