I had a wonderful time in Atlanta

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day here in Detroit. I think I’m going down to the River in the morning and talk with you.


Everytime I come home from Atlanta, I am so humbled. Everyone is asking me am I okay. Yes, I am. I feel good, but quiet. My mother and daughter probably feel I’m sad because they know I didn’t want to leave. But I’m actually good. I didn’t want to leave. I felt I was to take them to the airport and go home to my apartment. LOL My mother is already asking me to plan the next trip back there. I just don’t think I could keep planning to go there and not stay there. It’s like putting myself through torture. Neisha wants to live there, her mind is set. I took her to see some apartments and she loved them. She’s young and she is NOT afraid of change. Something I was at her age. She’s like ma, when we get home we are gonna come up with a plan so that we can finally leave Detroit. She said I went there just to see what you LOVED so much about it, and now I see. I took them everywhere!!! I drove from early morning to midnight. I LOVE to drive, so that was nothing, we drove around for so many hours. We spent a lot of money too. But we did, and saw everything more than once. I wore them out!!!! LOL That was my plan to let them enjoy everything, that will be available to me when I live there. LOL


So much is going through my mind.



God has been so good to me on this trip. So many blessings……..it would be as if I’m bragging. I’ll keep them to myself….. or personal emails. ( Smile you). All took place on this one trip.


I did a lot of talking to God on this trip. I would be in the bathroom and start talking to God. My momma was like gurl……….. you aight in there? LOL I zoned out. LOL Even walking to the hotel garage, I would take longer  getting the truck talking to God. Thanking him for the small things. Just to be able to go on this trip, to be able to use my mind, and body. God is so deep.




I’m  just chilling right now, thinking. probably a little too much right now. Its time to put things in motion.







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