“Just who am I”

Thank you Jesus for another day!!! Thank you for the conversations we had on today and the dream. You just love to show me you are real don’t you? LOL And I Love it!!!

Last night/this morning I had this dream that one of my members said a cursing word on my Sistergurl site, and it woke me up outta the dream because I made it clear that I didn’t want any cursing on my forum. When I realized who the person was, and that it was a dream……. I went back to sleep. Well, I got up this morning, went to work, got home and on-line around 8ish tonight went to the site and posted a question to the ladies. Guess you know not even 15 minutes later, this person commented, and wrote a curse word. So, I emailed her and told her to copy and paste that same post, take out the curse word, and repost it. She couldn’t do it, from her cell phone, so I did it for her. I left to go get ice cream ( it was 95 here in Detroit), and as I was driving ( God always speak to me while I’m driving ), I remembered that not only did someone use a curse word, BUT IT WAS THE SAME PERSON IN MY DREAM WHO DID IT. LOL ROFL!!!! Bless her heart, I love her dearly.


I like to think a lot when I’m working, because I’m faced with many different issues, and it allows me to see JUST WHO I AM inside of every situation. Just today, this lady ( around my age) and her mother ( about my mom’s age or a little bit older)came through my line, it had to be about 12 people waiting. I was going fast, so when it came to her 5 plastic plates ( they were pretty) she felt that I wasnt handling them with care. So the lady who was about my age said; “you could handle these plates a little better than that”, and looked at me with this mean look”. I stopped looked at her, and I can see God just sitting there eating popcorn saying…… now let me see how LaCrease is going to handle this”. Imma post what I was thinking right off, then what I actually said. I was thinking: “these dolla sto plates? Gurl if they break, I’ll send somebody to get you some more”! But I stopped and said ….”maam I’m sorry for the way I handle your plates’. Then I got to thinking. She has a vision for these plates, is not about the cost, it’s not about the color,it’s not about going back to get another set. it’s not about anything else, except for the fact that she loved these plates enough to buy them, and for me to handle them in a way that offends her, deserves an apology. And that is how I handled the situation.


There is so much to learn while you are still alive, and you can’t feel as though you have “Arrived” and know it all. You have to leave room to grow.


Be back later for another entry, going to take a cold shower, its so hott!!! Goodness!


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