Sarah’s laugh

Good Sunday Morning!


Thanking the Lord for this wonderful day. Lord, Thank you for the trees that I so dearly Love. The animals that need love as well. Thank you, for the older ladies that passed through my line today and chatted with me. Today I touched the hand of a 96-year-old. Lord, that blesses me, and I Thank you for passing these special people through my life.



Today as I was leaving my job, I was lead down the book aisle. Normally, after I punch the clock, and its crowded ( holiday time) I head to the car. But today, I went and looked at books. Joyce Meyers has a study Bible with notes and commentary, and I bought it. I can’t put it down. So, I Thank you Lord for leading me that way. This book is Fiyah!!! God is just tooo much for me to explain.When I read the bible, I get this high and get so geeked, because when I read these great stories, I’m reading about the same God that was present then he is present now.



Today I was reading about Sarah and Abraham ( for the 1000 time) on how they wanted to “rush” God to give them a baby. So Sarah asked her husband ( Abraham) to lie with her maid Hagar. I love these stories because I can fast forward to our days and use people in my mental visual whom I know and bring this story to life. Can you imagine the jealousy in the house? This maid walking around pregnant with MY husbands baby? She walking around thinking she’s a bag of chips…… but little did she know her son was NOT the promised child. All of this extra burden we put on ourselves when we “rush” God. This is a huge lesson to be learned. And so when Sarah finally had  baby Issac the bible says this…..Genesis 21 (New International Version) 6 Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” 7 And she added, “Who would have said to Abraham that Sarah would nurse children? Yet I have borne him a son in his old age.”



I would LOVE to hear her laugh. LOVE TOO!!! I would be honored. Can you imagine the happiness in her heart? Wow! LOL



God is dealing with me in many areas of my life. I’m very hard on myself, because a lot of things I let myself slip on, and I’m working hard on getting it together. When you get into the word deep, you start getting convicted on the stuff you do, and at some point you gotta come to a conclusion on what you are going to do. I’m realizing that none of us have extra minutes in our lives where we are goofing off. This is really serious, and God always sends someone to get me back on track. I’m going to try to read my bible every day. I need to get back to that place I was with God. Too many people in your life slows you down. I’m in that State of “Keeping it Moving”. I love this place I’m at now. I care too much about people and their issues,  but God can take your calls better than I can………  LOL I’ve been proud of myself this week though. Oooo wee, I’m proud. Just by simply closing my mouth, making it known by my silence that I don’t have a comment on anything that does not concern me. AND ITS FUN!!! LOLLLLLLLLLL ROFL!!!



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