“Body and Soul”



 I had a blessed day at work. Thank you Jesus for waking me up, and for going before me to be a blessing to others. Today is one of my quiet days. I know everyone has them. Sometimes you just want to sit and be to yourself. And today is one of those days.


Yesterday one of my Raisingurls♥ sent me a message on Facebook because she wanted to talk to me about something. I told her to call me ( she was in my group until her mother moved to Georgia last year and got married :). She was telling me that since she’s going to the 10th grade this fall, that boys are putting pressure on her to give up her virginity. ( WTH?) I wanted to jump right in, but I listened to the whole story first ( whew it was killing me). She said that mostly all the gurls there are having sex and its bothering her that they are putting pressure on her. I said look….. anytime somebody want … what YOU have and can’t have for themselves……….. ask yourself… DO I HAVE SOMETHING OF VALUE?  I said , don’t ever let anyone put pressure on you about whats yours!!! I told her that sex was for MARRIED ADULTS. Sex is not for teenagers, or singles. I asked her……. okay so suppose you do give yourself up under pressure. So, what, are you suppose to  announce to the SCHOOL that you’re no longer a VIRGIN?  And you become one of them now? I said now does that make sense to you? I asked her why would you have sex with a boy, ( which means you no longer have bragging rights) get in trouble with your mother, ( she don’t play) and have this name on you, that goes around and around the school? I said boo, there are 2 ways to do things in this world. God’s way, or the worlds way. There are NO other choices. NONE!!! I said the world way is to have Sex before marriage, and God’s way is to wait until you’re married. I told her that I was going to send her Scriptures to her FB account ( I did) to read, Plus, a few sentences to tell people who try to put pressure on her. I said , now look, when you hang up from me, you will have those 2 choices. And it’s up to you to decide. I told her God gives us free will, now that you know…… you shouldnt have trouble deciding whats right. Also there are consequences for NOT waiting……….. know that!! I believe she got it. 🙂  It trips me out what these kids go through just being kids/teens. When I was her age, I didn’t care what the next person was doing, if La’Crease didn’t like it, she wasnt doing it. :^ I was a virgin until I was raped, and to hear that pressure is being put on someone because they want to wait is terrible. I wish I could talk to those boys. My prayer is that she got it.



Today I was remembering clear as day, when that lady came through my line and told me that I was running from my Ministry. Then I got to thinking about how many ppl I put off because they want/need to speak to me. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, my phone ring OFF THE HOOK, ppl knocking on my door, the kids in the neighborhood loves me and want to talk my ears off ( LOL), so many emails, customers, personal friends calling and coming to town. FB page off the hook, DM’s on Twitter. Whew!! Sometimes I shut down. I won’t answer my phone, door, and  will ignore emails. But see God showed me it’s because I never sat down to put things in its place. I need order in my life. I need to plan more ( I’m good at this), so when things sometimes surprise me and catch me off guard….. I’m not crazy. For example: when I’m done writing this entry, I’m going to read my bible ( read it daily) and yesterday I didn’t read it. So I have 2 days to catch up on ( reading the bible daily for one year) http://www.oneyearbibleonline.com/july.asp?version=72&startmmdd=0101  reading. I need to put aside time for Ministering to ppl, and to not get to personal, but to keep it moving. I understand that I can’t keep running and not answering the phone, and not answering the door, and not returning emails. It’s not so bad either. Because I understand that God is using me, my wisdom, my voice, because he knows I’m not afraid and will do it. I just had to quit running and understand the calling. Its time-consuming too. I always wondered why do I have so much peace in my home. I hear ppl going through this and that, and I would say wow, that never happened to me ( not saying it can’t) but there’s a lot of peace around me. Issues come, I go to God, leave it there, and let it go. Sometimes, they are hard to hand over to him ( whew), I try to figure it out on my own. It never work because it wears me out!!! LOL  I’ll post tomorrow.


After that for 30 days, only Scriptures.





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