There’s more

 Thank you Jesus for another day!!! Lord, Thank you for always listening to me. You know I’m in deep thought all the time. Goodness. When am I going to just learn to relax? LOL Lord, who else can deal with me other than you? Make sure you give my husband a pep talk about me, cause I know I can be a handful. I’m sooooo much fun tho, can’t stay upset long either!!


I still feel in my heart there is more God want me to know. I’m not feeling complete like I need too. There is more for me to know, and I need and want to know what it is. I still need to “Seek his face”. And I’m not resting like I should because there is more. I’m going back to him, to find out more. Thats all I’m going to say about that for now. But, I will say…..there is more. I cant stop thinking about what all those people came to me and said……… Seek his face!


 My Sistergurl group is growing. We are having a good time getting to know each other and soon we will all meet. The group is private so I know 95% of them. I have chosen 3 ladies to kinda hold “my baby” down for a minute. I’ll be in and out daily, but for the most part….. I gotta see what else my daddy talking about. I gotta know. I’m not going to hold you all with my ramblings, I’m closing for now. Got lots to share on another day.


Take care!!


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