“got me messed up”

Yesterday was one of those days…………I thought the customers were going to push cree over tha edge. LOL


I don’t understand people sometimes, I’m trying to figure out how can you clown on a cashier because your bad azz son or daughter wont do what  YOU say? Don’t try to take it out on me because THISGURLCREEAINTHAVINGIT!! No way!!! Yesterday this boy he had to be about 8 or 9 years old * white* acting a dayum fool on his momma in MY line. She was trying to unload the cart, and he kept pushing it the opposite way, and for a minute she didn’t realize he was doing it. I mean you can see him clearly doing it, but it was something where you were like “dang is he making this cart go another way”. So once we both realized she started saying ” LET THE CART GO”!!! “LET THECART GO”! He was looking mean and saying NO, it looked as if he was mad because she told him no about getting something, and he wanted her and the  cart to go back to what he wanted. This little boy would not stop. I stopped and looked at him SO MEAN, AND SO SCARY, you would have thought he was MY son. I made this noise so he could look at me, and when he finally did, my facial expression scared the next 10 years outta him. ( ROFL). His momma never looked up ( good). He stopped what he was doing too. So, I guess she was mad, and when it came time for her to pay, she had kinda like a attitude, and now I’m looking at her like ” Ohnickayougotmemessedup” if you think you’re gonna make me pay for HIS BAD ASS BEHAVIOUR.  She picked up on my facial expression and body language ……LIKE A FAST LEARNER. I raised my child, if you let your child do what the hell they want to do, say what they hell they want, act like the hell they want, …….I CANT DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, but I be DAYUM, if you mistreat me because you’re being mistreated. I’m not paying for NOTHING, these bad ass kids are doing to THEIR parents. Then the parents look at me, like I stole their lunch money.


The truth is… I Love kids. I enjoy talking to them and going to their world. When kids  are in my line with their parents, I’m always talking to them about school, what they want to  do when they graduate. I talk to them about the things they like to do with their friends. They are a magnet to me and I enjoy being in their presence. I’m the one who rides down the street totally ignore the parents and wave at the kids. LOL I think that if adults talk to kids more and treat them like they are people even though they’re young, they will grow up to respect us more.


My niece is 15 and she wants a tattoo very badly. My sister told her that when she turns 18 that she was grown and she could do it if she wants. My niece keeps asking “what’s the difference when I graduate at 17 in June, but turn 18 in Nov”? She told her that she would consider her grown. No matter what answer my sister give my niece, its not good enough. And I asked my sister, why do you keep HOLDING this conversation with her, when you already told her how you feel? I said when you keep going over a situation with a child, rather they understand or not, they will CONTINUE TO talk about it, because they feel its HOPE somewhere down the line.That is crazy to me. We can talk about it for a minute or 2 but my answer is still NOT UNTIL you turn 18. Parents stop negotiating with these kids. You are the “manager”, you are the BOSS. They will have their time soon enough to be in charge and if you don’t train them well, you will find yourself MAKING DISCISIONS FOR THEM.



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