The stress of deadlines

Okay, so my husband is MAD @ ME!!! 
 We have 2 break rooms, one has a huge screen TV,  lots of chairs and space with 3 refrigerators and microwaves. The other one which is closed off, and happen to fit inside of the large break room.  That’s the peaceful room. I love my coworkers, but when it  comes to MY LUNCH and My peace time, I don’t sit with them, I like to be alone. I bring my IPOD, and my Daily Bread book and I like to sit alone, IN THE DARK, eat lunch if I want, and just chill out. Now, most people sit in the larger room because they want to talk, watch TV or whatever. And for anybody who walks into the quiet room, they already know the light is off, and its peaceful. Well, MY HUSBAND is already in the breakroom when I walked in yesterday. He was the only one in there, he was on the phone as usual, and so I said to him, can I turn this light off? He says, I always keep the light off for you. I didn’t want to argue, so I said okay, and went to sit down. Maybe Im spoiled when it comes to having my way, but he knows this is the quiet, lights off room. I mean dang, if you want to talk on the phone, at least understand that this room is small, has a door and only sit a few people, why we gotta sit here and listen to your conversation, when you can be outside of the room with “like minded folks”? Then I realized that he always take the chair that I sit in, which irratated me to know end. I sat in another chair with my mouth poked out, and he talked on the phone and ignored me. ( LOL). When he finally got off the phone, I said to him in my nicest voice…. I said, now you know this is the quiet room, you talking on the phone all loud, you know the room is small with a door, and then you don’t want to turn the light off because you were in here first, you take the seat that I always sit in ( and you know it). I said why you wont go out there where you can talk freely and wont disturb anyone ? What I say that for. My boo, grabbed all his things, his lunch, his bag and said “Fine, Im never coming in here again”! I watched him as he went his way, I got up and went to my favorite seat, and sat there with no shame. He turned the light off and left the room. At first I wanted to say…. Ahhhhhh boo, don;t take it like that. But what I was saying was the truth. Dealing with those customers, you need a hour of peacefulness to complete PART 2 of your day.
So, later on I saw him walking and called his name……. he kept walking. LOL I didn’t feel the way I did earlier, so I was starting to feel bad. Then about 3 hours later he came back through my area, and I called his name, he turned around and said “what”? I said, boo are you mad at me still? He said yes, cause I never heard you talk to me like that? And he kept on walking. I’m saying to myself, why is it that when I tell somebody the truth, they say I hurt their feelings? How can you hurt somebody feelings on the truth? The truth is the truth. If your feelings are hurt on the truth OH WELL!!! He loves chunky bars, I may stop to get him a huge one before I start work tomorrow. 🙂
I’m so tired!!! I have sooooooooooooooooooooooo many funtions that’s coming up, and Im planning that its starting to get to me. Dealing with those custos all day, and their depressed modes, it can drain a sister, if she don’t have the word on hand. Here is a list of things coming up.
*Full load Work Schedule for the next 3 weeks
* Lunch/Dinner with my Prayer Christian Sisters on Saturday afternoon.
* MY cousin called and wants to go to the movies with her hubby, and our family for Mother’s Day ( this will be our first time hanging out….should be fun) Jumping the Broom.
*Home repairs on Tuesday
*Raisingurl Meetings
*Sistergurl Talk over Breakfast ( Country Buffet)
* Our Cousin dinner Gathering at the Park ( June 19)
* Trip to Chicago
* Vacation Days coming up in June or July
* Gotta start planning our cousin trip for a cruise next year
* And gotta take lots and lots and lots of phone calls daily
Whew……….so if you all don’t see me, you know Im sooooo busy. Im so tired right now, phone started ringing early this morning. I gotta come up with menus and cancel things,  BUT I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE THE STRESS OF DEADLINES, AND PHONE CALLS, AND SCRATCHED OFF COMPLETED TASKS!!!
OKAY Im sleep and tripping. Night 🙂

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