Thank you Lord

Thank you Lord for giving me LIFE. Thank you for hand picking my family, I love and adore them dearly. No matter how many disagreements we have you always show me that you created them for me, and me for them…..and I see that. I know that. I feel that. Thank you.

 Thank you for the talks we have especially on the River, my favorite place to be in your presense. You bring me joy and make me laugh. You are so funny and you know when I die I am known for always laughing. Thank you for being silly with me when you know that I’m upset about something, you always bring me back with the silly things you say to me, that only me and you know about. I love that. Thank you for taking the “worry box” out of my head, because you know I don’t worry about much at all. I use too, but you always show me that what I’m going through today, will quickly pass and another issue will be at hand, and you always talk care of that too. I love the conversations we have while Im driving, you know its where Im at peace most, and you know how to calm me down. I just love that about you. Thank you.

Thank you for my life and the lives I touch daily.

To be continued….

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