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Hey!!!                       (Me and Neisha 5/28/11)
What a wonderful day/week/month it has been. Today was one of my quiet days at work, don’t know if it was because I had to work on the holiday 8:30-5 or what? My coworkers always think something is wrong when I’m quiet……because I’m always laughing and talking my junk. I love them and they love me. LOL
Saturday night me and my coworkers about 20-25 total ppl went on a MIDNIGHT CRIUSE over the Detroit River on the Detroit Princess boat. We had a good time too. That’s where the photo above was taken with my daughter Neishia. My coworkers said “They finally got me out”. LOL I can be such a nerd at times, you just have to be careful of your surroundings, and I’m not into going out like I use too, I have to really trust the person who is giving the function and the atmosphere. It was nice, very nice. We had so much fun laughing, dancing and talking that we didn’t even realize that the boat had finally taken off. There were so many people on there……..we had a ball.
A few of my Sistergurls from my group called me and asked me to do a dinner or breakfast outing. On June 12, were going to dinner, and having gurl talk . And on June 26, I’m having a meeting with my Raisingurls @ Applebees. We seriously need to talk. They’re like………about what? LOL I’m not mentioning a word. Then on July 23, me and my cousin put together our 3rd “cousin gathering” to be at a neighborhood water park…….this place is NICE. My sister went down to the city of Grossepointe and did the paper work for that day, and we are excited. I enjoy planning, maybe that’s my calling. I enjoy gathering people together and being behind the scenes. But I’m always wanted “upfront” for some reason. I’m the kinda person who wants no credit, no bows, no mention, just behind the scenes and I’m good. I can’t stand attention, and too much will run me away. I enjoying being low key. But why do I ALWAYS END UP BEING THE GO TO PERSON? LOL I guess its all good, and hopefully it will take me somewhere …..and get paid for it. Hahaha
Several times last week, I saw this guy I use to kick it with. We are very good friends, normally we talk over the phone, or facebook. But lately he’s been coming up to my job, where it seems I’m spending 70% of my life. LOL As I was listening to him talk to me, I kept on thinking about the time when I begged God to let him be my husband. It was about 12 years ago. We hit if off so well, he is my baby to this day. I have mad love for him. But as he spoke, I was thinking to myself….wow…… could I EVERRR in my life ask God to let him be my husband, he is so NOT La’Crease. He’s handsome, has a very good job, not stable ( cant make up his mind about ANYTHING) which drives me crazy. I’m still trying to figure out why I wanted to be this man’s wife. UGH!! Thats why I Love God so much because he knows whats best for us. All that time I was praying and asking God to let him be my husband, when he knew he was not the one he had for me. I have never asked God for someone to be my husband since him. I’ll let God do all that for me. Matter of fact I don’t even think about that, I do remember it being time consuming. LOL
Only one other person who I wanted to marry and that was Neisha’s dad. UGHHHHHH never in a million years. I mess with her sometimes saying “gurl I wouldn’t let your daddy tie my shoes if they needed to be tied”. She laughs. We are very cool, but Lord Jesus, what was I thinking? LOL Whoever he has for me will come for me, and I will never ever have to ask God about him.  
When I was a young gurl, we lived next door to this wonderful family, and one of the gurls who lived there was named Lynn. Lynn (PHOTO ABOVE)  was so sweet, she’s about 3 years older than I am. She loved me, she loved people period. When she went out with her friends, she sometimes asked if I could go. My mother loved and trusted her, so she would let me go. Lynn took care of me, she always made sure I ate, and that I was okay, that I was home at a decent time. And I never forgot about that. She took care of kids, and teenagers, she would talk to us, and she was very smart. I love Lynn so dearly. Well, yesterday was her Birthday and I left her a very sweet message, then I got to thinking what I promised myself I would do when I got older. I said that I would take care of other young gurls, and talk to them and treat them just as she treated me. AND THATS WHAT IM DOING!!!! OMG. God bought it to my remembrance yesterday. I forgot all about what I said that I was going to do when I was in position to do what she did for me. I help so many young teens, and talk to so many of them. I just want to see then make it in this world, no matter what situation they’re faced with, they can make it.
I had Neisha at 19 and turned around 3 months later and got pregnant by her dad. I didn’t tell anyone but him and even though he really didn’t want me too, he knew that I was serious, and had an abortion. I thought that people were going to talk about me and say that I’m fast. I thought that people were going to tell me how hard it was going to be with 2 children. I thought my family was going to raise the roof on me and dog me out for being “stupid”, but little did I know this would only hurt me in the long run.It was all in my MIND. My mother and father wouldnt dare let me have an abortion if they knew that, and they would have supported me. It was a trick of the enemy that had my keeping that secret that later bothered me to no end that I had killed my baby. The person I am today, I would never listen to that voice, this is my story and my issue, I would NEVER kill my baby, because I’m afraid of what others may think or say. And so this is why I enjoy talking to young gurls, because of the MANY mistakes I made. This is my life, this is who I am. I love doing this, its my passion.
Saturday night on the Detroit Princess boat…. one of my coworkers ( NINA PHOTO ABOVE) saw me  and sat at our table,  she started hugging me and wouldn’t let me go. Saying how much she appreciate my talks that helped her, ( caught me totally off guard). She said Cree I love you, she said all those 3 minute talks at the register really helped me, you helped me a lot to calm down, and really think about things and decisions, she said cause there were times when I was going to go off. She said I love you , and you just don’t know how much you have helped me. I was about to cry, cause it was out of the blue. I call her “mini me” because she reminds me of me when I was her age. She’s going to the Navy in August and I’m going to really miss her. I know I talk a lot to the gurls but I never knew she/others really listened……… I hoped that they did. LOL Then later she wanted to take a photo with me and she was very happy that she got a chance to say this to me. I don’t see her at all, because she works the overnight shift, so I’m happy we had that chance to talk.
Well. I’m closing for now. I have lots more to say about different things, so I may post another blog entry. Night!

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