Today I watched as Oprah broadcast her last show. It was very emotional for me. I remember being in my early 20’s watching Oprah faithfully. It was something about her shows that motivated me, she even talked like me. What I mean by that was, she would ask the guest speaker the same question that would be in my mind, that I would want to know, and that was my strong connection to her. She dared to be different, she went her own way and did her own thing. She was true to what “felt right” and that’s what I really love about her.
Seeing her surrounded on Mon and Tuesday by her favorite people, just made me cry like a baby. And if it wasn’t for her people ( STRONG TOWER STAFF) she wouldn’t even want her last show to be about her. That’s just how unselfish she is. But she knew that too many people loved her and that she had to allow them to show her just what she meant to them. Seeing her friends by her side was icing on the cake. She deserved everything . At the end she said To God be the Glory. And she meant it.
I’m going to miss Oprah and her shows, but I still have her because I watch OWN faithfully. LOL She’s such a powerful and positive person, it wouldn’t even be right if she left and never came back. In closing, I don’t feel this is goodbye, for some reason I feel another Chapter in her life is about to start. She will know what her next assignment will be.
Thank you Oprah for 25 years!!!

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