My Raisingurls Prom!! :)

                                              Donyell, Reka, and Shanell~ Original Raisingurls
Thank you Lord for a wonderful day. I had a very interesting/beautiful week again….. 2 of my ORIGINAL RAISINGURLS GRADUATED…..YEAAA. They are both my nieces and I am so proud of them. Then Thursday of this week, my other niece go off to her Prom. I am really, really proud of these kids, some are getting it that you don’t have to settle for any job, finish high school and then go to college to get a degree. I think next year I’m going to sponsor a few graduates. Some parents are finding it hard to come up with money for everything that these kids need, I know lots of stories and I’m happy that God came through for the families.
In other news…….. Yesterday at work was a busy one, lets just say that. And as I was leaving I was talking to my Asst Manager and another manager, just so happen we were by the exit door, I had already punched out and just stopped to chat. After we finished I walked away, and one of the door greets approached me with a customer. The greeter was white and the lady was black. He said to me are dogs allowed in the store? I said “No”. So I guess the lady thought that since I was black I would tell her differently. After I said “No” pets aren’t allowed. She looked at me and said “but why she’s in a tote”? I said Maam, when you walk into a store they have “HOUSE RULES” and one of them are “No pets”. She just stared at me like she couldn’t understand what I was saying. Then she said “well I bought the tote from here”. I said maam, when they say “No pets” they mean you cant have them in your purse, your bra, your shirt, …….I said they don’t want PETS in the store period! LOL Baby what did I say that for…she stared at me and then turned to the manager to ask them why she couldn’t bring her dog in the store. LOL I’m never the person to sugar coat anything. I don’t live my life like that. When you sugar coat the truth you “keep people stupid”. That’s another reason why I Thank God for teaching me how to talk to people. I like to break it down and when I do, it may be rough but its the truth. Some people just don’t like to follow the rules, and they look for ways to be crafty with it, I recognize it and I will shut it down.
I’m closing , had a lot to say but I’m sleepy now. LOL
                                 Verly and Reka~  Original Raisingurls off to Prom

My Sister Vikki, Reka ( her daughter Reka) and Mark ( her stepdad)

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