Learning to stay in my lane …Cree’s Blog

I remember when I was in my teens I love to
write, it calms me down. Cause right now….  ( cant even write that on
A few days ago I was in line and this lady that
was in front of me was taking so long to put her stuff on the counter, keep in
mind it was 20 items or less. I’m saying to my self, “do she realize that its
people behind her waiting for their turn”. She was very apologetic, but at the
same time she was taking forever. Then she got to saying “I don’t know if I want
that… I don’t know if I want this.”. Then she turns to me and look at me ( my
facial expressions) for my opinion. She got the wrong person for that, cause my
face was so blank you could have drawn me a face on. People like her LOVE to
make sure they have one person “on their side” helping them to CONTINUE IN THEIR
FOOLISHNESS…..and she got the wrong one. I be dammed if I able you to
continue ” taking your time while I’m waiting on my turn”. She had me messed up.
This lady took so long in deciding if she should get her Pepsi’s, that her
friend was embarrassed and left the store. Yes, it was like that!!! LOL At one
point, something in me starts boiling, and my leg start jumping, and I have to
put my head down in my hand, rub my brows and PRAY that GOD keeps me calm so
that I won’t have a outburst. An outburst is when I get upset and I have to talk
myself out of saying words like ” HURRY UP”. The people behind me was laughing
at me, but I was serious. I had to think about stuff to calm me down!!!! My leg
was jumping and I could hear God saying “just don’t say anything, everything is
going to be alright”. And the hard part about it was……….the lady was so
NICE. LOL I just have to learn patience….. a little
This guy that I use to talk to when I was out in
the world being “fast” came through my line. When I saw him my heart was beating
so fast. We have this flirty, sexy friendship. We talk junk to each other and
its fun. He brings out this side of me that I really like about myself……if I
was married. Not hardcore or anything like that, but the way I talk, smile and
act. He’s sexy and has this appeal that drives me crazy!!! He’s a good friend of
my sisters husband, that’s how we met years ago, we lost contact and that was
it. So, I guess he figure that I was the same person back then as I am today.
Another one, got me messed up!! I gave him my number, I hate talking on the
phone and email cause for some reason what I have to say never comes out the way
it would if I was in person. That’s why I hate talking on the phone…..AND
He goes right in, and ask if he could come over.
I’m looking at the phone like Oh Lord please don’t let me go in on him, maybe
I’m jumping to conclusions and thinking to far. Then he says…. you know we are
feeling each other and that its been a long time since we saw each other and all
this mess. So, me, I’m like……well okay lets just take it slow. We’re talking
and he’s really hitting nerves in my mind, because he is so aggressive. I said
what’s your sign? Aren’t you a Virgo? He said yes Sep 11. SMH and LOL Those
Virgo men are too much for me, and the reason why is because they remind me so
much of myself it gets on my nerves!!! I let him talk his junk because he was
talking over me about how I’m playing ,and its been a long time coming, I’m
trying to deal under my terms, and so he says…..I’m coming that way and when I
get near, Imma call. #boybye He called and left a message LOL I wouldn’t let him
in my house if a  friendly Lion was giving out $100 bills. When I nut up, people
say I’m crazy, but when I don’t say much they say I’m
Cree , is going to stay in her lane! Night

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