I love my SIBLINGS :) Cree’s Blog

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day with my
family!!! My mom told me to gather all her kids to go to dinner today for her
Birthday. She had one request that she didn’t want a gift this year, she wanted
money. And so it was done. We had a great time, we laughed and talked, got a
chance to catch up in each other lives, which was so good. We all work and its
kinda hard together sometimes. These are the times when we need to cherish time
being together. I know that we all must go, and when we start to leave here, I
want to be able to say that we had a great time and that we loved each other.
As, I was telling a friend today who is at odds with her sister, that GOD
handpicked our sisters and brothers out of everyone in the world, we need to
show him some respect and LOVE THEM to the best of our ability. Even if you
don’t get alone with that sibling, do whatever you can  to make things work. I
know its hard, me and my brother get into it all the time, we argue, and debate
all the time, but I love him and even if he irritates  me to know end, we still
make up. Is  it hard? Yes,  LOL its hard because you know each person is grown
and have the power to walk out and go home to our safe domain. But the sad part
is, you will think about them all day, all night, and its even sadder if you can
go home and NOT think about them. It takes work. In my family we all have VERY,
VERY, VERY strong personalities, and when we get together and have debates, its
like HOT FIYAH…. We cut loose. We don’t get personal, we stay on the subject
and after we finish, we kiss and make up. It gets hot in the kitchen for those
who haven’t seen us in action. MY Sister Na…. she’s the “know it all”. I’ll
say it was 80 degrees yesterday, and she’ll tell you, it was 81…. that would
be because the weather man said it before she left work, her car don’t lie, her
friend said it, and she knows the weather man personally.LOL MY brother Bobby he’s
the Marine,  “motor mouth” is what we call him, because he never shuts up! He can argue about a car filling up at $40.00, when the next person
will say its $35.00. If you can debate with him for 20 hours, he can go STRAIGHT  for
40 more. LOL MY baby sister Peedie…. she’s the baby, she can take on all of
us AT THE SAME TIME, she loves being the opposite of what we are saying. We can say the classroom
should be no more than 25 kids, she’ll say it should be 40. And will debate that
in her loudest voice, until you say…… okay Peedie you WIN! And me……..
Ms. Cree, if I ask my siblings what they would say about me, that would say I
think I know everything, but never want to take advice. They would say that I
get loud, and get real mad when we debate, they would say that I’m bossy and
want everything my way. They would say, I’m always trying to be the boss of
everybody. LOL And that I talk loud to get my point across and make faces to go with it. That I never want to be wrong. Hahahaha You put all those personalities together, and you will have the 4th
of July. LOL But in the end, we hug and kiss, because we LOVE EACH OTHER DEARLY,
we have to make up because we don’t ever want to leave each other bitter and
upset. Thank you Lord, for handpicking my siblings. Thank you.

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