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Hey Good People!

Where do I start? First, I have to Thank God for the Vision to do the Feeding the Homeless Project. So many people have stepped up to help, and this weekend we are going out to the streets of downtown Detroit to pass out sandwiches, pop, water, and chips . At first I was starting to get discouraged because you start to see who people really are when it comes time to helping someone else in need. Im sadden by this persons ways, who is always needing a helping hand, always wanting to borrow or need food, but as a person in position to help, they chose not too. God has always shown me the character of this person, so its nothing new to me, it just bothers me a little. There was a time when I would help this person, and since I am good people with a lot of people, if this person needed anything and I couldnt help them out myself….. I can go to someone else, and they would do the favor FOR THEM, just because I ASKED!!! But…..when it comes down…..La’Crease has to keep it moving. I’m not stopping to hold this persons hand, not to stay on the phone 2-3 minutes, not to go back and forth…. I have a mission to COMPLETE, and it will be done!!! I hate to be bold like that… ( I can be real to the point at times) but this TRAIN IS MOVING!~! If you’re hopping on with us, lets roll, if not ( it’s okay…it truly is) hopefully we’ll see you at the next stop, but for now….This trained has departed!!! 

Lately, I’ve been really busy with several things, my CCSC2 group, my Raisingurls, plus Sistergurls. I know that for years I have wrote in my BLOGS about how much I hate talking on the phone, and for that I really want to say “Lord, I’m sorry. I have come to realize that this is apart of the calling….Communication. In order to do what I do, I have to answer my cell phone, TEXTS, house phone, door, and visit people. This is really hard for me, only because I didn’t know how to put the important things in the important files of my life. I enjoy talking to people, thats the easy part… Im very gifted in that area, but….there is a time for everything, and since I’m apart of many lives, I have to be able to talk to them when the need arrives. There is no button to turn off from people needing me or ME NEEDING them. I have surrendered to the fact that this is my life, and this is what I do. When I’m out in public, I know that I may see someone I know, it never fails, ( my family can’t stand going out with me sometimes, they say I gotta talk to everybody I see LOL), and so now I prepare myself  for it, that way I won’t cut them short, and run out of patience.  I have to be available to talk with them. My cellphone rings early EVERY MORNING, with someone wanting advice, or just to leave me a message. I get text messages all through the day, and you know its okay. Right now I have a billion voice mails, so many un answered text messages, and inbox full of folks I need to get back with.

 I ran, and ran, and ran, for many years from people who I thought just wanted to “talk my ears off”. I would say to myself dang…….am I ever going to get some time for myself? I never sat and thought maybe people look up to me, maybe they need someone to talk with and found me easy to understand. I have to understand God has chosen me to do this, and it’s not going to stop until he says so. That part I got. I just have to learn to “file” things “PUT THINGS IN ORDER, and to prioritize my time. See, that’s my issue. LOL I can NO longer say…. “I hate talking on the phone”. If I learn to talk, text, work, take care of mom and dad, spend time with My Sisters, My Raisingurls, My Sistergurls, My CCSC2 Family, my friends,  and of course God, I would be fine. But, Lord, I just want to say… I’m sorry and you will never see ” I hate talking on the phone” in my blogs from me again.. This is what I do. People need and want my advice, wisdom, and a friend to talk to, and I’m here. This has always been who I am for as long as I can remember.

 October 15-17 I have rented a Hotel Room at my favorite hotel, and its going to be me and you. No phone calls, no text, JUST ME AND YOU LORD 🙂

 I am so excited about the weight loss of the members in my group CCSC2 ( Cree’s Clothes Size Challenge 2). We have all lost so much weight since the group started last month. I lost a total of 13 pounds so far!!!! I’m so happy, we have a very active group and there are some people who really knows how to eat healthy, and some folks who work out like CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!!!! Some have lots 12 pounds 10 pounds, even more…… way more. I told them there is no way a person can sit here, and not get in on all this advice, motivation and encouragement in this private group of folks. It’s all over the place, and they just don’t know home much they inspire me.I’m very excited about this whole level in my life. Every week we have what Val call “Sacrifice Wednesday”, where we stop eating or doing what hinders us. My issue is Pepsi. I love pop. There are some doing meat, bread, even cigarettes. I just LOVE GOD… for this challenge. Im excited, because I want to buy myself this BADDDD BLACK DRESS ( nothing revealing) to wear with some nice heels, my lashes, brows and nails done. Baaaaaaaaaaaby ( in my Monique voice), yall betta call the police on thatgurltheycallCree!!! LOL The Vision is Real!!!

Anyway….. I am one of the 2 people who is on the planning committee for our family gatherings. And I really need to choose some people to help out and come up with ideas…..there are a WHOLE LOT OF US…  My cousin ( bless his heart) chose me to help, and he is M.I.A! LOL Imma get him…anyway I am going to have others to help me, with so many things that I’m doing and want to do, I don’t want to short change them in any way. But we are going on the Detroit Princess Cruise Sep 17, we all are really looking forward to that.

 Well… Im closing for now, gotta regroup right quick before work tomorrow. Be Blessed Family 🙂

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