Women, listen to your husbands…..Cree’s Blog

Today, I was at work and I thought about marriage. I don’t know why I don’t think about this subject as much as I use too. Maybe, it because I’m busy and don’t really take the time out to think about myself in this area. Then when I got off, I watched last Sunday’s episode of Bridezillas. Man, the way those women talk to and treat their soon to be husbands, made my blood boil. 

I’m just trying to understand how do you talk to the person you say you love, and want to be with like that? How could you disrespect him in that kinda way? They were hitting, and talking so badly about their soon to be husbands, best friends. Why even be with that person if they’re going to treat them this way? What drives a man to want this kinda woman in their lives? That really puzzles me. I want to be happy, I can’t function or deal with that kind of mess in my life. I like to ask questions and communicate, talk things over, these people really need to talk to a Dr. about their behaviour.

To me, it seems these men have control in other areas of the relationship, and that’s “their” power. Because that’s the only way I can see this balances out. Who wants a woman to talk to them any kinda way, hit them, curse them out and control them?  Thats why you must have God in your relationships. I rather stay single if the man I marry is not a man who loves the Lord, and wants to live for him, obey him, and set an example by walking what he’s talking. Who wants a man who will go to their friends for advice? I want God. Women, learn how to talk to your men!!! Talk to them with respect, if you feel that you’re out of line apologize to them, and make sure you don’t keep going that route.

I see why Neisha’s dad use to stay away from me in our early 20’s. LOL I use to run my mouth and ack a fool about everything. His friends, his job, everything. I wanted to control him and he wasnt havent it. I don’t see how he even dealt with me for as long as he did. That behaviour came from issues that was deep-rooted in me , some people never find out why they act out the way the do, but I’m glad that I did, and I’m so not that person today. Matter of fact, I speak to women about these issues daily. I was talking to a young lady yesterday, about this very same subject. Just walk away if you are stressed and  depressed and it causes all the members in the home to suffer. Thats not fair to the kids, and surely not the relationship.

Women, listen to your men, even if you don’t agree at that time, file it, keep record of the conversation, because if he follows God, you know that came from above. We also must learn to fall back, and shut up sometimes. I know, when I don’t understand something, I’ll ask questions. I don’t feel cursing out, or going off on your husband will fix things. I know I can be hard-headed, but I will get myself somewhere and sit down and think about everything. Women… love your husbands. Treat them with respect. Pray for them. Ask God to come into your relationships, conversations, heart,  your mind daily. Communicate, take trips, do something special for him. Smile, buy a pretty dress, do your lashes, nails brows….smell good (212 Carolina Herrera). *wink*. Take care of your HUSBANDS, SISTERS.

Be Blessed

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