Feeding the Homeless…….8/21 Cree’s Blog

Its late and I have work in the morning, but I still had to come here and post. Sometimes when you have thoughts in your mind you need to release them onto paper, for some reason it feels good.
This past Sunday August 21, 2011 me and my friend Gloria went to the streets of Downtown Detroit to pass out sandwiches, chips, water, and pop to the Homeless. We made 60 sandwiches and pass them out to 30 people. We collected donations from New York, and even Phoenix Arizona!!! We were really blessed as always, when we go out and do this work. I learned a lot too about people, and also about what is required when making sandwiches. LOL
I’m the kind of person that when we are doing things, My Ministry Leader( Angela) told us to always work out of Excellence when it comes to doing what God wants us to do!!! I will never forget all the times she told us this. We almost ran out of Miracle Whip, then we didn’t think about the fact that we could have had mustard and Miracle Whip packages. So next time I’m going to Sam’s Club to buy both. That way people who don’t like one can have the other, and also they have a choice, maybe they don’t want either one. I didn’t like the fact that we put miracle whip on all the sandwiches. I personally don’t like Miracle Whip on my bologna, I like mustard, so that really taught me to look at things differently. We had so much meat left over, we put 3 slices of bologna on several sandwiches. 🙂
We made the 30 bags with 2 sandwiches with cheese, and we packed 2 bottles of water, and pop in another bag. We drove to the area where the Homeless were standing in front of this building, as we started passing out meals, then this one guy goes and tell everyone who was inside, they all came out…… and we are excited. A few people wanted to give bags to their friend, and we did that for about 3 people. Then we get to bag 30 and we are done in 10 minutes ( if that long), and here comes this one guy out of the building, and we didn’t have any more bags. Talking about somebody wanted to cry. I felt so bad for him. He had to walk away with out anything. Me, Gloria, and Neisha all felt bad. Right then and there we said……we gotta do this again next month. This time we are going to make 60 bags. When we left that one spot, we saw about 2 more hot spots where they hang out at, and we had to keep going because we had no more food. I can’t wait to do this the next time, because we are going to double the portions, everyone still gets 2 sandwiches, but we’re going to feed more. I know what it takes to do this now.
What I’m learning about Feeding the Homeless, is that people really want to help. As soon as I posted it on Facebook and Twitter, people inboxed me, called me, left me notes and everything. The help is always here. That’s why its important to be a truthful and a person who is honest. Because people look at that when they start to invest time and money into your project. If you are a shady person, and act funny, and be a person who don’t care, or is not serious, people will NOT deal with you. And the people who are on MY Facebook page are people who know me. I guess the down side of this is, people want to help, but then they forget and the project is over, they call me and say….”why didn’t you remind me”?. I’m not going to call you, and ask if you are going to still help out. You know if you really want to do it, you will remember. There are too many people who are willing to help, want to know when, and how the merchandise is going to get to me. And they make IT HAPPEN. I’m not the person to keep calling, and texting and asking…. This is very serious to me, and I have to keep it moving, without or without the person. I have to. This is business. Those people will be fed on the day that we set to go out. I will post it on my page, and I get a lot of responses, but if you know about it, keep in touch. I had to tell this one person that “its okay that you can’t do it this time, just watch for my FB posting for the next one”. Don’t beat yourself up about it, there will always be a next time. After this last time, we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. This time we will feed 100 people. My family, friends, FB and Twitter family gets involved. I wont have time to call people and say ” are you still gonna help”? If you really want to help, then you will make it priority to make it happen. Just like all the others. Its not fair to me when you ask” why didn’t you remind me” when its posted on FB many and plenty of times. Its okay, if you didn’t help this time. It really is, but this project will leave the ground.
In closing, I Thank God for the Blessings. I Thank him for the people he has bought into my life to make this happen. The willingness to help, all the Love and Support. I am truly grateful, this is what I have always wanted to do. My connection to the Homeless is strong, and there is no reason why people should be hungry. When I move to Atlanta,…………………… ( that’s all I’m going to say)
Good Night 🙂

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